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Worldwide Top 10

Discussion in 'Top 10s' started by Dinostraw, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Jozeph


    Aug 16, 2014
    Southern Island
    1:45.070 dww by me

    more to come
  2. Dinostraw


    May 17, 2015
    Hi. It's been over a year since I last did any sort of briefing here on these threads, but this is one and it's about the future of these threads themselves. As you already know, by mid-August this entire site will be locked down and become read-only and by some date in November the site itself will cease to be. If you aren't aware you can read up on it here. Since the site is ultimately going down, this will be the last update that I will do here on this site, at I don't plan to. I may continue to update via copy-pasting data in from another source, but this will not be the main headquarters anymore for this thread. That might sound like a dead end for these threads, but these Top 10's aren't being abandoned. While yes these specific threads will cease to exist in a couple of months, we will be migrating over to the new MKBoards site. While there is no dedicated major Mario Kart 8 section, there is a Mario Kart 8 category in the Racers' Lounge under Gaming and Mario Kart Franchise. While it unfortunately is cast away in the shadows, we do have a dedicated Time Trials and Top 10 subforums there, so from here on out all updates to the Wordwide, European, and Non-Advantage Top 10 threads will be in that section. To make you lives easier, instead of navigating through that, you can find it here. See you all on the flip side! Here's the update log now:

    Update Timespan: May 13th → July 1st


    CC: 1:57.051 by :flagUS: Jozeph
    CC: 1:57.625 by :flagUS: Tyler
    SA: 1:55.198 by :flagES: Alberto :dpad:
    rMC: 1:20.843 by :flagES: Alberto :dpad:
    rGV: 1:53.806 by :flagDE: Ansgar :dpad:
    dEA: 1:35.806 by :flagUS: Roflcopter :dpad:
    dHC: 1:45.760 by :flagUS: Roflcopter :dpad:
    dAC: 1:35.938 by :flagDE: Amar :dpad:
    dSBS: 1:36.481 by :flagDE: Ansgar :dpad:
    dBB: 1:23.266 by :flagUS: Roflcopter :dpad:

    Removed 1:59.548 by :flagFR: Baby from RR. Replaced with 2:00.017 by :flagFR: Alpha

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