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[Wii] Grumble Volcano

Discussion in 'Lightning Cup' started by Sergeant Guy, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Sergeant Guy

    Sergeant Guy

    Jun 3, 2015
    Bowser's Castle
    not svc
    Grumble Volcano guide by Sergeant Guy, the former wr holder. (currently 2nd ww)

    The real dpad wr:

    So let's get right into it, shall we?

    Oh by the way, Streetle is king on this track, both Dpad and Gpad

    LAP 1

    The first straight
    Starting off with beginning hops: do right left, then do a right slide and start drifting to the left on the ramp. Upon landing, release the mt as soon as possible. Do the following: right hop, then start sliding: right, right, left (you should get a bit of air here), right, then start drifting to the left.

    Up to the ramp
    Soft your mt and when you release it, you can jump over some off road, which is pretty neat if you want that extra optimization:
    After that, start drifting immediately to the right and collect those 3 coins as tight as possible.

    Right after, for the smt release, you should do it right here:
    You must do a left slide, a right slide then start drifiting on the ramp. Collect the 2 coins while still drifting and get the mt upon landing.

    Since doing the no glider strat lap 1 doesn't gain for gpad, you want to release your smt right about here:
    After doing that, do a left slide, the 2 quick hops: right left. Trick, than drift off the platform and soft an mt.

    The mt and S turn
    When you release the mt, do a left hop, a left slide, then hop over some offroad into a right drift. This offroad patch right here:
    Keep holding the drift and try to go as tight as possible. When you get the smt, you must do 2 hops to the left with dpad. Release it here:
    For gpad, release it here and do 1 hop to the left:

    After that, get the 3 coins and grind the wall. When you release your smt, do a right slide and start drifting to the right.

    The glider / no glider

    [FOR DPAD]
    For the no glider strat, delay your mt and go as much to the left as possible. Release your mt on the ramp and charge another one to the left.
    You should be getting your mt right as you land after the platform. Here's the new strat that I found: release your mt and do a right hop. Do your right slide right away before going onto the platform. (It gains .1 over doing your right slide onto the platform). Then hop onto the platform and start drifting to the left to charge an mt. Release it about here:
    Do a right hop, then do a right slide. On that right slide, you should be getting some air time. Then do a left slide, another right slide and start drifting to the right. Make sure you grab one of the coins.

    [FOR GPAD]
    Release your mt onto the ramp and attempt to get a low trick in order to the get the coin on the platform. Drift land, then get on the glider and get some coins. On the glider, try to go near the big rock to the left, then drift land on the coin it the left.

    The short cut.
    For the shortcut here, you'll want to start going tight while you're in the air right here, precisely:
    Shroom right when you're about to hit the offroad. Soft for a split second, than start holding away to not fall off. When the sc is almost over, start softing again and hop on the lip right here to not land on the offroad:
    Do a soft hop to the right and you should be fine. When you land, do not hop or do anything: keep driving forward.

    The last 2 ramps
    Start drifting to the left right before the part of the road that will fall off on lap 3; you can see it by the line on the ground. Grab the coin if you don't already have 10 and jump over the offroad, once again:

    Right when you land, start drifting to the right and soft until you land. The smt release here is extra important because you want to get as much air as possible on the first hop in order to go very fast on the 2nd and 3rd hop. In order to do so, release your smt at the top of the tiny bump:

    Do a left hop, a right hop then do a left drift on the ramp. Charge an mt as quick as you can, then release it and do a right hop, a right slide, another right slide and start doing a left drift on the 1st ramp.


    -After the 1st mt, you can only do 4 slides instead of 5
    -After the 1st smt, do 2 left slides and do a right drift on the first ramp. Charge an mt and do the same as lap 1
    -If you're doing no glider, you can't do my new platform strat lap 2 because of the block's alignment, but you can do it lap 3.
    -Of course, since you dont have to worry about coins, go tighter!
    -On the last ramp of lap 3, trick! The mt is not optimal since the finish line is so close!

    Hope this helps you guys git gudder​

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    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
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  2. Jozeph


    Aug 16, 2014
    Southern Island
    uhhh, non advantage wr is 1:54.949 by hande, not 1:55.175 by diogo

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  3. Alex E

    Alex E

    May 10, 2015
    streetle is faster non advantage too
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  4. Savannah

    Savannah Thunder & Lightning WL Staff

    • MKBoards Supporter
    • Founding Member
    • WL Staff
    Aug 15, 2013
    Explorers of Time

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