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[W6] RΣ 419 - 313 Su ✔

Discussion in 'Division 2 ~ Mega Mushroom Division' started by K2LTen, Mar 14, 2015.

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  1. K2LTen

    K2LTen Guest




    Good games.
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  2. Simon.


    Jul 7, 2014
    None of us really cared about winning. We literally spent the whole time trying to get me to MVP. lol

    Both teams having trollers made the war extremely cancerous, however it was RE's idea to troll and that was something we had to deal with.

    A7 ended up making this division a real chore to play in (and somehow managed to beat us with 2 freewins, despite being way worse than us as an overall clan), and with R7 dropping out, this division was a bit of a disaster. Some of the matches were fun, however, and I thank the clans who provided us with those.

    Congratulations to Lachie for MVPing the division - it was a very, very close battle between the two of us right to the end!

    And finally, a MONUMENTAL thank you to @Leon for putting up with this piece of shit division. The amount of crap and horrible situations that were thrown his way was really unfair on the guy, but he handled is perfectly no matter what, and never lost his motivation to be a great administrator for this division. The division administrator for this group of teams needed to be someone who could control all the shit going on this season, and Leon did it perfectly. Thank you so much to him.

    Good Games everyone. See y'all next season.
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