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[W4] Su 150 - 0 R7 ✔

Discussion in 'Division 2 ~ Mega Mushroom Division' started by Simon., Mar 1, 2015.

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  1. Simon.


    Jul 7, 2014
    The Survivors and Revolution Terra agreed to do their CSL match at 7pm UTC (2pm EST) on Saturday evening / afternoon. Unfortunately however, R7 turned up with only two players available. (They managed to get five players 1 hour and 30 minutes later, by which time we only had 2 who were available to war) I raised the matter with Leon, who stated that I was allowed to count a forfeit in Su's favour if I wanted. I did not want to do so, however, as I do not like counting free wins without even facing the opposition.

    I was not sure whether we could CSL on Sunday however (we cannot play CSL on weekdays), but I told R7 that we could do the 5v5 at the same time on Sunday - assuming I could get an LU together - and they agreed. However, R7 failed to wake up until 7:12 UTC, by which time we had all been sitting in the room for 12 minutes. 3 of our members had to go at 8:00, so we needed the war to start quickly. However, when R7 finally woke up at :12, they told us they could only 4v4, only to THEN change their mind and state that they could not war us. Cody then told us he was going back to bed. He then came back, however, and stated that they could 4v4 us, by which time it was :21 and even if we played, we would not be able to finish the war.

    We gave R7 two opportunities to get this match on the road, however they failed to show up with 5 players on both occasions. Therefore a forfeit is, unfortunately, in order.
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