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[W10] GUN 0 - 100 [ωZ] ✔

Discussion in 'CT Division: Mega Mushroom' started by TK64, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. TK64


    • Founding Member
    Jun 13, 2013
    fun day of csl

    [7:33:12 AM] spxde: is wZ here
    [8:28:21 AM] *** Fox has left ***
    [10:36:42 AM] tk: yep
    [10:49:25 AM] spxde: is today cool? if not tommorrow is slick too
    [10:49:39 AM] tk: what time
    [10:49:52 AM] spxde: lemme ask
    [10:59:13 AM] spxde: we will all be here in 1 hour
    [10:59:19 AM] spxde: so anytime after that should work
    [11:07:33 AM] tk: so do you want to aim for 3 EST
    [11:08:05 AM] spxde: i could try yeah
    [11:08:12 AM] spxde: (y)
    [11:08:28 AM] spxde: Sounds good
    [11:08:49 AM | Edited 11:09:21 AM] spxde: if something comes up ill let you know (y) and visa versa please.
    [11:09:29 AM] tk: yep
    [11:09:35 AM] spxde: alrighty, slick
    [11:23:47 AM] tk: you guys are host team so pass host FC whenever
    [11:44:17 AM] tk: :?
    [11:45:32 AM | Edited 11:45:29 AM] spxde: yeah im asking what they want to do :
    [11:49:59 AM] spxde: im guessing you will get the free win
    [11:50:15 AM] spxde: idk if I really want to play tbh :D
    [11:50:18 AM] spxde: idk if they wanna play
    [11:51:12 AM] LEWUA: if we are 4/5
    [11:51:16 AM] LEWUA: I'll play
    [11:51:34 AM] LEWUA: but since rush cant and idk what is gisko doing atm
    [11:55:14 AM] tk: our lineup is bad
    [11:55:33 AM] LEWUA: idc honestly
    [11:55:48 AM] LEWUA: Custom Track :D
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