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Important Quick Rundown of the Changes Between the Season 7 and Season 8 Rulesets

Discussion in 'Help, Information, & News' started by ~Maidvelia❤~, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. ~Maidvelia❤~

    ~Maidvelia❤~ Red Like Roses WL Staff

    • MKBoards Supporter
    • Founding Member
    • WL Staff
    Jul 26, 2013
    Warren, MI, USA
    HD☆, U★, GE
    Wiimmfi FC:
    - Banners have been added to the threads, with navigation links under them.
    - An index (section list) has been added.
    - A different, more logical order of the sections (though some of the most notable sections have managed to stay put).
    - Horizontal rule images to group sections together.
    - All instances of CSL changed to WL for the rebrand.
    - The team representative role can now be revoked if there is deliberate refusal to comply with division admins' requests.
    - Not using the division chats for organizing matches can now result in a strike.
    - Deliberate refusal to cooperate with site guidelines, participant guidelines, or requests by the WL Staff is now a conduct violation.
    - Strikes can now double for repeat offenses.
    - Transfers to different teams must now be by the player themselves.
    - Elaboration on what kind of transfers leaders can still make, including adding players onto a CT team and vice-versa, as well as moving players to free agents (not from).
    - Information for the minimum division column on the registry has been added.
    - A transfer deadline of week 6 was added (with the only exception being for free agents who started playing in Season 8 after week 6 had passed).
    - Transfers per season lowered to one.
    - Invalid registrations are now mentioned as part of the criteria for the -150 penalty (an invalid registration is red on the registry, and is due to either a blurry picture, a missing console ID, a matching console ID, and numerous other things). Check here to see if you have an errored registration.
    - Tag rules have been immensely simplified, but still get the point across.
    - -10 per race (-120 total) for speedometer changed to -5 per race (total of -60 for 12 races).
    - -30 per GP (-90 total) for wrong engine class setting changed to -8 per race (total of -96 for 12 races).
    - Mutual Engine Class Agreement has been incorporated into Regular Tracks as well.
    - A rule that officially states to start a VS race has been added.
    - Kicking people before a race starts now takes a reset off for each person that is kicked.
    - Kicking people during a race is still -100 per player kicked.
    - Elaboration on host bans.
    - An exception to kicking a Kickstarter is now officially stated.
    - A penalty for using host-banned players as a match host has been added.
    - A rule that officially states there is a free choice of characters, vehicles, drift types, and/or controllers has been added.
    - A rule that bans the Magikruiser Strat (-10 per player for RTs, -20 per player for CTs) has been added.
    - -20 per GP (-60 total) for not resetting when supposed to changed to -20 per race without a cap to it (total of -240 for 12 races).
    - Videos added for each glitch in the list of glitches, for regular tracks.
    - GCN Waluigi Stadium TAS-only glitch added because better safe than sorry.
    - "Overlapping" removed as a bagging type for regular tracks.
    - "Overlapping" removed as the default bagging type for custom tracks (it can still be chosen, it's just no longer default), "Suicide Bagging" is now the new default.
    - Elaboration on old suspicious incidents and what they mean regarding status as a conditional player.
    - Elaboration on bans.
    - A section for appeals added that states limits for appeals and the fact that the council can revoke this privilege from certain players at any time.
    - Wiimmfi.de pictures must now include the room ID (for the purpose of staff to be able to check match history more easily).
    - Win-Draw-Loss record on the leaderboard is now the main metric used to determine the standings instead of Points (Pts.).
    - Points (Pts.) is now the first factor to break ties if a Win-Draw-Loss record is identical between teams on the standings.
    - Official rule for default time changes that states they are allowed for timezone or MKU reasons only.
    - A rule under the forfeits section that states the score for matches where both teams forfeit (that score being 100-100).
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