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Per-Sec Kart 64 - A Online French MK64 League

Discussion in 'Mario Kart 64' started by xMasterDizzy, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. xMasterDizzy


    Mar 28, 2018
    PK64 is an upcoming online french MK64 league, which you must have noticed because the title pretty much says it, that will be runned through the Parsec application (Which is, by the way, a local game-streaming app made to let you play with your buds on local games freely and easily), unlike most online tournaments who uses Netplay, which will bring the following :

    - Better emulation, as we can use pretty much any N64 emulator, with any plugin !
    - No desync !
    - Easy to setup matches !
    - Fluid gameplay with an average connexion (We even have custom configs if you're struggling to run Parsec)

    As of now, we are still planning stuff up and only a few people currently have joined our Discord server, but I really do hope to see more people being interested by this project as the MKBoards community is a lot about competitive Mario Kart, and I would find it great to promote other competitive tournaments that involves other titles than newer entries such as MKWii / MK7 / MK8 / MK8DX !

    We are pretty nice with rules on the said Discord server, as long as you post your stuff in the right room, and our tournaments will be organised in three following formats (With more to come !), being :

    - GP Duel
    - VS Duel
    - Battle Duel

    We will plan to add VS and Battle FFA, but we need enough players that are willing to join the league to start those other tournaments too !

    Also, since our announcements are gonna be shared on our official Discord server, we will share a link to those who might be interested in competing in : https://discord.gg/3kKgGQt

    Side Note : If anything seems to be inappropriate according to the MKBoards forum rules, I would gladly want a staff member to point out what I've did wrong and change it accordingly !

    Again, I hope people will be interested in this project, and from there, all I can say is, have a good day (or night, depends on when you're reading that), and have fun !
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