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New Moderators, New Site Can Be Posted On, and more.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Stunky, Jul 1, 2018.

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Hello there everyone, Stunky here bringing you the news that posting on https://mariokartboards.com/ is now live for most sections, as well as announcing a new moderator!

    New Moderator
    The period for applications isn't yet over and thus we may decide to add further options, however at this point we would like to welcome @Daxx to the moderation team, please wish him the best of luck as he and the other staff face the challenges ahead during this summer.

    New Site Can Be Posted On
    As you may remember from a recent announcement (https://forums.mkboards.com/threads/important-please-read.47056/), we have a new site up and running for people to sign up as we look towards an August 12th site official switchover date (when this site becomes read only). Following on from that original announcement, we can now announce that posting on https://mariokartboards.com/ is now live for most sections

    Please be aware that many sections on the new site will require all threads to be moderated for a short while as we try to filter out any meme threads and/or content that violates the rules.

    Leagues and events such as WL, MKU, MKWC and the national leagues aren't expected to move over to the new site until their next seasons, to allow them for time to figure out plans of action. This new site is still in a beta phase effectively, and thus certain things may not be at full capacity for some time, with anyone free to make suggestions to improve what we're providing.

    The rules have seen a few changes on the new site and thus it's important you read them at https://www.mariokartboards.com/help/terms/ before posting too much.

    People who have already notified us of their supporter status on that site will hopefully see their roles handed to them within the next couple of days, the same goes for staff roles. If you have supporter on this site and haven't claimed it on the new site already, please do so at https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/supporter-transfer-request.31/ to keep it all in one place.

    We look forward to further improvements to the systems, and hope that we can bring a better service using a newer, safer site installation.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you have any requests, questions or queries in regards to any matters posted here please message a member of staff either via Discord, on this thread, directly to them on the site, or via their other methods of contact.
  2. AbaraiK

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    May 28, 2014
    Yeah the site is very much in "Beta" now so feel free to make some threads but not all of the options you have on this site will be there rn.

    We keep finding stuff we just took for granted on this site are actually add ons we have to find for new site, so if you notice anything on the new site thats missing, feel free to msg one of the staff.
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  3. AGP


    Sep 15, 2013
    I knew I should have kept hold of that domain!

    Good luck with the site migration guys.

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