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MKU Season 5 Week 7 Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Kona, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Kona


    • MKBoards Supporter
    Mar 27, 2015
    XF / Ap / DY
    This weeks reviews were written by @Fusion, @Speck, @Nitro86382 and @Lyna. Remember to leave any feedback on how we can improve our reviews

    Division 1 - Matt

    Wii Elite Clan: Ansgar, Ben, Fire, Giant, Nizer, Zitrone
    Mario Party: Ice, Jamie, Kamek, Nato, Vector, Zinc

    MVP: Mp Zinc (127)

    Mp is attempting to climb to the top of the division, while WEC is struggling to stay out of the bottom. This match was vital to both teams, but unfortunately, only one can win. GP1 gave Mp a commanding lead very early on. 2 of Mp’s players broke 40, but only 1 of WEC’s players managed to break 30. Due to this, Mp got an 84 point lead after just 4 races. Zinc won the GP with 49 points. GP2 didn’t go much better for WEC; even though they lost it by less (68, to be exact), they still were at a huge deficit. WEC Ansgar got 31 this GP, but the GP MVP was from Mp as Jamie scored 40. GP3 really finished off Mp’s dominance. They won it by 54, making them win the whole war by 206. Zinc scored 44 here, finishing off as the MVP with 127 points. The only other player to break 100 was Vector, scoring 103. Since they won the war by so much, this win will really help Mp get closer to the top of the division. WEC, on the other hand, needs to focus on passing up DVP in the future, and getting into 4th.
    Fatal Aces: Alex, Chibi, Jared, Jax, Kyser, Leroy
    Divine Phoenix: Ayano, Blade, Joel, John, Mike, Rob

    MVP: FA Alex (101)

    FA has been at the top of the division, but with svc not too far behind, winning this match was crucial for FA. Since DVP tied with FA in Week 2, many thought that the result would be close. However, this was not the case, evidently. GP1 clearly set the mood for the war, in FA’s favor. FA won this GP alone by 106 points, making it very difficult for DVP to come back from it. Leroy from FA pulled off a ncie 46, winning the GP. GP2 was a bit closer, but FA still won it by quite a bit: 42 points. Nobody broke 40 here, but almost all of FA got 30+, while nobody in DVP broke 30 at all. With DVP down by 148, it was practically impossible for them to come back. GP3 was a win for DVP, but obviously a 20 point win wasn’t enough to come back from the large gap. Not much to say about individuals here, as nobody scored anything exceptional in the final GP. Similar to GP3, the overall individuals were very close, on both sides. Everyone in FA scored between 83 and 101, and DVP scored between 62 and 78. Alex from FA got the most points, scoring 101.
    Dynamite: Alex, Dread, Joe, Mori, Protox, Snicks Subs: Pedro
    Severance: Kay, Leo, Luso, ruby, Ryan’s, Xander

    MVP: ruby (133)

    With Svc near the top of the division, and DY still having yet to get a win, this match would greatly influence the performance of both teams this season. GP1 was a great win for Svc, winning it by 46, and starting off the war greatly. Ruby from Svc scored 48 here, and Kay was a little further behind with 35. GP2 was an even larger win for Svc, making their total lead 98. Ruby scored 48 yet again, but he wasn’t the only one to break 40 this time as Xander did just that. DY at this point had only two instances of breaking 30, one in each GP. GP3 really showed a great finish for Svc, winning it by 54 and making their total +/- a massive +152. This will surely help out Svc to make it closer to 1st place in the division, but DY is sadly still settled at the bottom. Ruby finished the war with a solid 133, as Xander also broke 100, getting 102.

    Division 2 - Matt

    Midnight Wasps: Attila, Dayem, Felix, Koopas, Shin, Zerostar Subs: Asuna
    Palingenesis: Cynda, Darren, Domenico, Jake, Jordan, Vantox

    MVP: Cynda (118)

    GEN was undefeated for a while, but suffered a couple of losses and now needs to catch back up in the division to get in 1st. Mw on the other hand is trying to get out of the bottom area on the division standings. GP1 gave GEN an excellent start to the war, as they won it by 54 points. Darren from GEN scored 40, winning the GP. GP2 wasn’t so good for Mw, but it was better than GP1; the Wasps only lost it by 34 this time around. Attila was the only player from Mw to score above 30, but 2 players from GEN scored above 40. GP3 finished things off in a more “civil” manner, if you will, as GEN won it by 26, noticeably less than the other GPs. Despite the smaller gap, Cynda still managed a 43, finishing the war with 118 as the MVP. Vantox finished with 115, relatively close to Cynda’s score.
    World Friend: Beni, Bueno, Electro, Gae, Phoenix, Ronan
    Arcadia Sky: Fasuke, Mike, Monfi, PGM, Teeples, Tomsu

    MVP: WF Ronan (123)

    ARC was just behind GEN in the division, and winning this match could easily have gotten them closer. WF, who has been closer to the bottom, is trying to stay out of last. GP1 was quite close, but by just 10 points, WF took the lead. Because of Gae and Ronan from WF scoring 44 and 40, ARC now had to make a comeback. They did just that in GP2, when ARC won it by 36, and gave them a 26 point lead. Teeples from ARC had a commanding lead over everyone else in this GP, scoring 51. Ronan showed up again, scoring 46. GP3 was a great attempt for a comeback by WF, but they fell just a bit short, winning the GP by 20 but losing the war by just 6. ARC’s highest scorer was Teeples with 103, but it was no match for WF’s Ronan, who ended with 123.
    Gravity Team: Dusse, Iouls, Kirby, Raph, Royal, Seboss
    Princess Monarchy: Clembec, Cosmo, Fafnir, Furious, Gee, SHAD Subs: Samovar

    MVP: GT Seboss (116)

    This was a match between the best and the bottom. PM is settled at the top of Division 1, while GT is trying to get out of the bottom. GP1 was truly dominated by PM; they won it by 98. This gave them a massive lead, and all but one of their players scored above 30. GP2 was much better for GT, as they won it by 32, and Seboss from GT alone scored 54 points, almost a third of the points scored by his whole team. However, the “comeback rally” was ended in GP3 when WF won it by 78, and took the win for the whole war by a commanding 144 points. Seboss was the MVP for the whole war, scoring 116, and PM’s Cosmo wasn’t too far behind him, scoring 112.

    Division 3 - Speck

    High Definition: Dugo, FinalFight, Rookie, Santos, SuperFX, Zap
    Team Poop: Dub, DigDig, Guilec, Micka, Shy Guy, Spudd

    MVP: HD Rookie/HD SuperFX (113)

    The first GP sees somewhat of a crystal-clear resemblance of scores put up on both sides. Of the two teams, Team Poop’s sees slightly more consistency, each member putting forth a considerable opening effort for the team, with scores ranging from 23 to 34, the latter put forth by regular Team Poop frontman Spudd. High Definition shares a similar leaning to consistency, albeit more cluster-based. Though their lower scores sink a little deeper than the lowest of ytp, Rookie’s GP MVP is enough to offset this. Not entirely so, however, as Team Poop wipe off HD by 2 points for the initial bout.

    It does not take long for High Definition to bust that apart, though. 5 of ytp’s members score above 20, pinning the HD bottom 2 from any sort of advancement. Yet, this only sees remaining HD members taking reign of the top spots, with considerable efforts from Dugo, Zap and SuperFX all producing 30+ results, and Rookie producing another GP win with an attractive 52 points. The -46 result for ytp sees their efforts beginning to go down the drain.

    The French team mounted a stern attempt to comeback in the third round. They proceeded to match HD’s numbers in the aforementioned GP, with Micka, Spudd and Guilec performing some cleanup with 30+’s. Yet, the deficit proved too derelict for them, as Dub’s execution of 42 points was not enough to keep up with SuperFX putting forth 48 for HD, and Zap surpassing all of ytp’s members in the 30-club liquidated the final push.

    High Definition’s victory permits them to continue creeping behind first-place Serene Grace, two points behind. Team Poop’s admirable effort salvages them a bonus point. Whilst it has harshened the possibility to catch the promotion spot, Team Poop now have a safety net of 6 points, ahead of 4th and 5th place.
    Serene Grace: Arti, Damian, Flarena, Lez, Miu, Twonk
    Aerilate: Aexo, Boshi, Chad, Dark, Dashi, Marc

    MVP: sG Flarena (134)

    GP1 saw a different spread of formations for the teams in terms of results. For Aerilate, Dashi put forth a considerable front-run effort to net the team 47 points, with support efforts from Marc (30) and Chad (28) to make for a solid starting GP. However, sG capitalised on the stranglehold on middle-top spots, garnering the three positions behind Dashi, with a splendid spread of displays from Arti, Lez and Flarena, with 33 for the formers and 31 from the latter. Combined with the mid-to-lower contributions, sG latch onto the +8 precedence.

    The second set of encounters saw sG continue to monopolise. This time, they are able to butt Dashi out of pole position and promote to a Top 3 towering, with Flarena overseeing the very top with a sublime 49 points, with terrific-face Twonk not too far behind on 41 points, and Arti not far behind that with 35. The shi-ining eminence from Dashi and Boshi with 32 and 28 prevents the GP from being completely explosive, but losing this GP by 58 and down 66 all in all, the German team would have to take a high-flight to regain the chance to triumph.

    Yet, whilst the GP managed to gain in altitude slightly for Aerilate, it proved ultimately to only be damage control for a lost encounter. Whilst their pack of 5 members in the 20-30 brigade was solid, it could not offset the overwhelming continued ascent made by Flarena, this time within viewing distance of the perfect GP, on 54 points, and sG as a unit, too, saw 5 of their members scoring above the 20 threshold.

    Another win, another stepping stone to the perfect season for Serene Grace. Naturally, they are on a flawless 21 of 21 points, but could still be threatened by High Definition, 2 points away. Aerilate now dances with danger; they are tied points-wise with Hearts Brothers, but take the spot in the relegation zone due to match-points difference, 55 behind.
    Alliance Rainbow: Benji, Exo, Mattew, Power, Saku, Toto
    Hearts Brothers: Aurel, Avo, Dnx, Jojow, Johann, Swift

    MVP: AR Mattew (128)

    The first set of four races saw a stark variation in approaches in terms of results put up by both French teams. Heart Brother’s Avo kept the team pumping solo in the top spot, putting forth the GP’s highest pressure point with 49 points. Alliance Rainbow, however, worked together to put forth a gleaming overture of results, with places 2nd through 6th secured for the Alliance. The outcome from these spots is a colorful +38 advantage.

    The second Grand Prix saw Hearts Brother raise their pulses with a more rounded effort from their entire body of players. Particular feats came from Avo again (29), Swift (31) and Jojow (35). However, it was not quite enough to overwhelm AR, who continued to play with Power, who formed one of the two AR carrying members, him scoring 38, and Mattew rocketing into the gold this time round on 48 points. HB now trail by 50 points, and would require some good flow.

    Instead, the deficit more than doubled by the Rainbow team. Attributed by another stellar GP from Mattew on 45 points, and supported by Exo on 38, and Toto on 35. On the other hand, with 2 members unable to break 15 and an inopportune disconnection, the Hearts Brothers were shut down.

    Whilst Alliance Rainbow won convincingly, not everything is sunshine and… Daffodils. This is the first points they have gained this season, and they would need to win 2 of their final 3 matches to stand any chance of catching up. Hearts Brothers are one of the two teams that could be at risk from an Alliance Rainbow final push - they are fourth, but share it points-wise with Aerilate, winning by match-point difference, but play the Germans this coming week.

    Division 4 - Nitro

    Hyrule Clan: Manu, Play, Up, Tox, Drayox, Sparks
    Oracles: Mick, Flammie, Lucid, Sam, Kykz, Mitch

    MVP: Up (126)

    This war was unfortunately plagued with lag from Hc, which ended up costing Oracles a massive loss even after a 30 point penalty for Hc. Hyrule Clan used an LU consisting of Manu, Play, Up, Tox, Drayox, and Sparks for the match, and Oracles used an LU made up of Mick, Flammie, Lucid, Kyske, Sam, and Mitch. GP1, Oracles suffered a large loss to Hc, ending up 54 points in the gutter after only 4 races. Sparks from Hc MVP’d the GP, scoring an immense 50 points, along with Play and Up also doing very well, scoring 44 and 37. No one broke 30 points for the GP on Oracles’s side, with Mitch getting 27 points for their MVP. GP2 Oracles did a significant amount better, but still losing the GP by 38 points. The MVP of this GP was Up, scoring a fantastic 47 points, along with 3 other Hyrule Clan players getting 30+. ⅔ of Oracles ended up breaking 30 this GP, with Mitch MVPing on Oracles’s side yet again, getting 32, along with Kyske getting 30 points. GP3 had the smallest +/- gap, but Oracles still ended up losing the GP by 28 points. Up yet again took the MVP for this GP, getting 42 points, giving him a massive total of 126 points and the MVP of the match. Play and Sparks also broke 100 for Hc’s side, getting 101 and 120. The MVP for Oracles in GP3 was Flammie, getting 36 points, along with Mitch not far behind him, getting 33 points for a total of 92 and the MVP for Oracles.
    Wii Kings: Can, Desert, Haupi, Kyoto, Phillip, Sniper
    Arcadia Terra: Gladeon, Joe, Mark, MrC, Sayan, Speck

    MVP: Joe (140)

    This week ARC took a very impressive win over a team previously in a top dog position for the division. In this match, Arcadia Terra used an LU consisting of Marlon, Joe, Sayan, Mark, MrC, and Speck, and Wii Kings used Can, Desert, Haupi, Kyoto, Phillip, and Sniper. GP1 both teams held strong, but W-K ended up taking the GP by 2 points. Joe and Kyoto tied for the MVP of this GP, both of them getting 42 points. W-K had 2 other players get 30+, with ARC only having one other get 30+, along with a 29. GP2 was yet again extremely close, with W-K taking another GP by 2 points. Kyoto held his ground this GP, scoring 45 points for the GP, along with Phillip scoring a 36 for Wii Kings. ARC had Joe and Speck almost join Kyoto in the 40+ club, with Speck getting 39 and Joe getting 38 points. GP3 Arcadia Terra picked it up and utterly obliterated W-K, winning the GP by a massive 72 points. Joe scored a flawless GP, giving him a final score of a backbreaking 140 points, along with Speck of ARC scoring a solid 95 points. W-K’s MVP was Kyoto, scoring 105 after a fantastic GP1 and GP2 then bombing in GP3. Desert and Phillip of W-K also did well, with Desert scoring 97 and Phillip getting 86 points.

    Division 5 - Protox

    Quintessence: Anthony, Atek, Ben, Goomba, Hayashi, Shadow
    Rated R: Chato, Dark, Hydro, Josh, SiKH, Sinic

    MVP: Qnt Hayashi (125)

    So far this season, Quintessence have been hindered by scheduling in the league, Losing two matches to free wins and some matches with only 5 players. After a strong display last week vs Paradox they look to build upon that. Rated R on the other hand had a week off and with a weeks worth of practice, they hope to perform well against a very solid Qnt lineup.

    GP1 was a solid start for R as they took a +44 lead with the help of Dark scoring 51 points with support from Chato with 38. Hayashi scored a 40 to try cut off some of the deficit that Dark inflicted upon Qnt.

    GP2 was an improvement from Qnt winning by +16 now trailing by -28. Atek, Hayashi and Anthony were able to pull solid scores of 38, 36 and 35 with Chato and Hydro managing a 33 and 31 in response.

    GP3 was kept close but R edged out Qnt by +4 taking the match by +32. Hayashi from Qnt impressed once again with 49 points but the rest of the team hindered his heroics. Chato and Josh pulling double 40’s with other support from teammates was enough to secure victory.

    Despite the power scoring by Hayashi with an outstanding 125, Quintessence couldn’t support him too well with mediocre scoring. Rated R’s Chato and Dark were able to pull 111 and 103 and other well rounded scores to take the match. Rated R hope that Essency slip up in the next few matches to have a slim chance at securing the title however, Yoshi Family still threatens clinching a promotion spot off them and next weeks fixture decides who gets the jump on the other for the final spot. Quintessence have picked up activity recently and with the remaining fixtures, look to build chemistry in hopes of a much stronger campaign next season as their 4th place looks all but certain.
    Essency: Ace, Bridge, Charly, Drudiggon, Frinn, Kayne
    Paradox: Batboo, Joseph, Maci, MewMew, Sammy, Sassafras

    MVP: Snc Kayne (138)

    Essency have dominated the division is virtually won already. With another win or two it is all but secure for the undefeated side. Paradox meanwhile rock bottom of the division (excluding free wins) need to build a confidence to try and snatch an unlikely 4th place from Quintessence.

    GP1 had Snc assert a dominance of the match from the get go with an outstanding +124 lead. This was a perfect opportunity to inflict damage with Prx one player short. All of Snc nearly scored higher than every member of Prx with Drudiggon at 50 compared to Maci with 29.

    GP2 was even stronger by Snc winning by ++136 and an outstanding +250 after 8 races. Sammy was finally able to play this GP for Prx but were still disadvantaged when MewMew went missing for the rest of the war. No player in Snc scored lower than 32 showing an incredible consistency with Kayne scoring 50. Sammy’s return was much needed as he was the highest scorer for Prx with 28 but nowhere close to command a solo effort against this team scoring.

    GP3 was the same story, Snc have their players get top 6 overall for the second straight GP winning by +130 and overall by +380. 4 players managed to score over 40 which is an incredible feat with Kayne, Frinn, Ace and Drudiggon scoring 47, 43, 42 and 41. Prx could not contend with a mere 23 by Maci.

    To emplasise how well Essency did, their lowest scorer, Charly with 97 was still 28 more points than the 69 points overall my Maci. Essency had three players 128+. With this form, you wonder how well they can compete in a higher division against elite clans. The division looks all but won after this display by Essency and can wrap up the division if they win vs Quintessence who have a lot to prove to themselves that they are capable of more. If Quintessence fail to make a mark, The opportunity arises for Paradox to catch up with them getting the week off and a free three points.
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