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MKU Season 5 Week 6 Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Speck, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Speck


    Jun 15, 2014
    This week, myself, @Nitro86382 and @Owen1516 bring you reviews of this week's matches!

    We're always looking to develop these reviews and better them where and when we can, so if there's any aspects you think we can improve on, any concerns you'd like to raise or just want to point something out, please do leave a comment. :)

    Other than that, sit back and enjoy the review!

    Division 1 - Speck

    Divine Phoenix



    Mario Party


    GP1: DVP 159-169 Mp

    First Grand Prix sees solid performances from both teams, but overall, Mario Party steal an early favourable result. Divine Phoenix are able to secure a roster of mid-to-top fixtures, seeing convincing play from Roby (39) and Joel (34), as well as reliable support from John and Blade. However, a mixture of no Mp members scoring below 20 points, and a stunning initial follow-through from Zinc on 47 points, sees their early stronghold.

    GP2: DVP 142-186 Mp

    Mp continues to build upon this foundation travelling towards and through the second half. Though Zinc falls off heavily this time round, fellow Mp'ers Suberita and Nato take the pressure off his back, and produce impressive results of 45 and 49 points respectively. Though Divine Phoenix collect a monopoly of middle spots, only one member in John is able to sqeeze by the half-perfect mark. Mario Party now hold a sturdy Domination, pressing the A button for 54 more points than DVP.

    GP3: DVP 174-154 Mp

    However, in the third GP, DVP catch flight somewhat. Effort from a majority of their players glide them into a mixture of top and middle spots this time round, with notable majesty from Blade on 34 points, and MVP for the GP Alex on 41 points. Ultimately, however, it is not quite enough to salvage the Bonus Star, as Mario Party's points retain the rest of the middle spots, with scores ranging from 17 to 33.

    Final Result: DVP 475-509 Mp

    Mario Party earn the Party Star this time around, and that places them behind 2nd place Severance by 2 points. Divine Phoenix are grounded from progress higher on the table, but the loss is mostly inconsequential in terms of any net loss, still a comfortable 5 points clear of 5th place Wii Elite Clan.

    Wii Elite Clan





    GP1: WEC 167-161 svc

    GP1 saw an incredibly even set of races. It appears that no team is able to take early reign, and points split down the board evenly. Whilst Severence see an incredibly consistent amount of points scored by all their players, ranging from 22 to 31 points, it is actually Wii Elite Clan who take a slight early advantage, thanks to the effort a Top 3 monopoly of 36, 32 and 31 points respectively. The former score, and early MVP potential for the match, goes to Ansgar.

    GP2: WEC 162-166 svc

    The second GP sees more of the same, though the points are slightly more spread out, and clear individual performances begin to blossom. The aforementioned Top 3 from WEC, of Ansgar, Zitrone and Nizer all again deliver considerable points for the team, all between 33-37 points. However, the substantial efforts from Ruby and Leiyze, sharing the round first place with 40 points, and a support effort from Danny on 30 points, sees them edge this GP by 6 points, and an ever-so-slight advantage of 2 points into the final GP.

    GP3: WEC 112-216 svc

    For lack of a better term, GP3 sees an absolute humbling for WEC, who appear to lose all momentum in this GP, leaving SVC to utterly dominate. A Top 6 overall from the former champions sees them topple WEC by over a century. If this were not convincing enough for SVC, a steller performance from Ruby sees him securing a perfect GP, likely a result of WEC being unable to break into the frontrunning pack developed by SVC.

    Final Result: WEC 441-543 svc

    The result sees WEC still firmly within the relegation zone, now 5 points behind 4th place Divine Phoenix. Meanwhile, SVC now stalk behind first-place FA, merely a point behind.

    Fatal Aces





    GP1: DY 137-191 FA

    The first GP results in a comfortable lead for the current division frontrunners, Fatal Aces. Whilst efforts from Dynamite's Alex and Pedro, of 32 and 38 points respectively, prevent an absolutely destructive round inception, FA find themselves grabbing onto several of those vital top spots and holding on. The biggest early-game spike comes from ColosS, on 42 points.

    GP2: DY 121-207 FA

    GP2 sees FA take their already solid advantage and enhance it thoroughly, exploding DY out of contention almost entirely. With four of the top 6 spots, and a bottom 3 from Dynamite, it is clear that Fatal Aces simply produced the stronger frontrunning pack. The greatest efforts from FA come from Kyser on 43 points, and Daniel on 44 points. For Dynamite to bring the result back, they'd require at least 3 Top 6 finishes in the final GP…

    GP3: DY 167-161 FA

    ... And whilst Dynamite do mount an impressive comeback in the final GP, it is not enough to undo the fatal damage caused in the first two rounds. This GP sees impressive efforts from the recently-transferred Dynamite Joe, with 37 points, and a second admirable effort from Pedro, MVP'ing the GP on 40 points, squeaking past the second place Jared on 39. The remaining supporting cast from Dynamite is enough to see them over the undefeated team this season, at least for this GP, by 6 points, indicating some signs of life even in adversity.

    Final Result: DY 425-559 FA

    Despite this, Dynamite remain utterly without points in the season, and can only now see themselves out of relegation should they win three of their four last matches - even then, this is only if Divine Phoenix drop their remaining outings. Another win secured, however, for Fatal Aces, who still remain with a one-point grip on gold over Severance.

    Division 2 - Owen

    GEN were tipped by many to win this comfortably vs GT going into the match but at the start both teams started well with GEN edging it by 4 points to take a slender lead. GT responded very well and took control of the war winning gp 2 by 66 with their main player seboss scoring 57. Trailing by 62 GEN needed a huge gp and responded well but not well enough as they won gp 3 by 30 which meant GT claiming a mini upset over one of the division favorites.

    After their thrilling encounter week 1 where mw came back from 28 points gp 3, Arcadia got their revenge on the French Canadians with a impressive win. Both teams started very well and arc edged gp 1 by a mere 2 points but they were able to gain momentum gp 2 and took it by 24 to lead by 26 going into the final gp and 2 less than their week 1 meeting. But to do it twice in a row was a bit too much to ask for the wasps and Arcadia made sure that they didn't choke gp 3 and won it comfortably by 42 to seal a nice 68 point victory.

    PM kept their title hopes alive with a hard fought victory over world friend in this all French affair. And it was the surprise outfit for the season for D2 pm who beat wf by 88 week one making the better start again winning gp 1 by 26. wf came back into the war gp 2 and reduced the deficit to 12 setting up a tense final gp. But pm were able to see things off winning the final gp by 12 to seal a 24 point win.

    Division 3 - Speck

    Hearts Brothers



    Team Poop

    Shy Guy

    GP1: HB 156-172 YTP

    In GP1, the sheer spread of points can appear deceiving. Three HB members in Swift, Jojow and Julot net a consistent showing, the three each scoring either 31 or 32 points, with Avo shortly behind. However, it is actually Team Poop with the minor clean-up on the first set, attributed to a stern showing by Spudd and Dub, the former with 44, the latter with 35. They achieved the 16-up despite a disconnection.

    GP2: HB 172-156 YTP

    However, in GP2, Heart Brother's Swift decided it was time to drop the frontrun; an immaculate 55 point-showing is enough to earn his team a garunteed 18 point favour, since 2nd place Spudd secured a still highly respectable 38 points. Again, Jojow and Julot also displayed consistency and the right support, and, in a similar vein to another D3 match this week, the final GP is entered all tied up.

    GP3: HB 146-182 YTP

    And again, Swift makes another overwhelming stand, with 48 points, especially combined with yet another very solid Julot showing of 35. But for game, set and match, Team Poop proved to get the GP that all karters strive for. They knock back remaining Hearts Brothers members into back spots, and capitalise on the team cluster points. With scores ranging between 23-38, all members saw at least some kind of contribution, and therefore brung light to the lair with a 36-point finisher.

    Final Result: HB 474-510 YTP

    Heart Brothers’ loss and lack of bonus point now places them dangerously close to relegation, only points difference keeping them out; they'll need a win and Aerlite to lose to cement a safer 4th place. Team Poop find themselves slightly isolated in the division, a very comfy 5 points ahead of the team they just played, but still a little ways to go to challenge for the promotion spot, 4 points behind High Definition.

    High Definition





    GP1: HD 171-157 >->>

    In the first GP, High Definition seek a clear inception of an early lead, and submit to that early execution. This is achieved thanks to a Top 3 stranglehold from HD veterans SuperFX, Nicola and Rookie, who secure 34, 38 and 41 points respectively. Though Aerilate latch onto the vast majority of middle spots, it is not quite enough to shake off the bigger point scores from the opposition, though it serves as damage control and potential to be tapped into for the second GP...

    GP2: HD 157-171 >->>

    ... Which sees a mirror switch for both teams! Though Aerliate adopt a slight formation switch from HD's approach to the same GP win result. It is mostly founded by Marc's successfully slipping and sliding into pole position, netting an impressive 47 points, whilst the rest of the roster continue their efforts in the middle pack. Rookie and Nicola are pivotal in ensuring the point difference isn't any higher for HD, though it's now even Stevens going into the final four.

    GP3: HD 165-163 >->>

    The final GP is inevitably intense, as both teams reach a power struggle to clutch the win. Aerilate, once again, grip adamantly onto those middle positions, four members scoring between 23-29, and a solid showing from Dashi with 38. But ultimately, it's HD who shine ever-so-slightly brighter: An admirable GP from Hunter with 44, and with HD with plenty of middle spots of their own, it is just enough to edge out Aerilate.

    Final Result: HD 493-491 >->>

    Aerliate still gains an incredibly precious bonus point from the encounter, now tying with Hearts Brothers; only their points difference, 61 behind the French team, keeps the German-based team in relegation. High Definition begin to creep away from third place, and are with a two-point striking distance from undefeated Serene Grace.

    Alliance Rainbow



    Serene Grace


    GP1: AR 136-192 sG

    From the get-go, Serene Grace position themselves into a state of superior deportment. Flarena nearly achieves a perfect starter, but instead has to settle for a singular 2nd-place finish, though a 57 point contribution for the team is no doubt an exceptionally attractive prospect. Great turnouts from Bryce and Lez also place Alliance Rainbow in the background, though the result is not yet an absolute discolouring.

    GP2: AR 138-190 sG

    However, a similar result transgresses in the second round of races. This time, it is Lez's time to score tall, with 47 points, and another showing of 39 from Bryce, and Blaze rising up the ranks from the previous events with 36. Alliance Rainbow do, however, make the result slightly less unadvantageous, even despite unfortunate net meltdown from Toto. Exo and Benji prove the most reliable from them so far, each with results between 27-32 both GPs.

    GP3: AR 89 - 239 sG

    But then came GP3. The biggest difference in score in a single GP in MKU to date, Serene Grace only 10 points away from the highest possible domineer. Alliance Rainbow are utterly helpless to respond, with no members even managing to advance above 20 points. Meanwhile, Serene Grace's 6th member is still 8 points clear of AR's first, and 50+ smashouts from Flarena (54) and Bryce (52) ensure the result for them is an absolutely sublime one to remember.

    Final Result: AR 363-621 sG

    The two teams could not be in more contrasting positions all in all. sG remain undefeated, and two points clear over adversaries HD. Alliance Rainbow lack any points on the board, and their points difference is mountainous. Several substantial victories will be necessary on their part to turn away from the dark pit of dropping divisions.

    Division 4 - Nitro

    This match ended up putting Hc on the top and keeping ARC Terra in the bottom. Hyrule Clan used a LU consisting of Zak, Play, DaviD, Up, Darklight, and Sparks, with Arcadia Terra using MrC, Drag, SeeK, Oli, Joe, and Sayan. GP1 Hyrule Clan started off the war with a big lead, gaining 56 points on ARC and winning every race of the GP. The MVP of this GP was Hc’s Darklight, scoring a massive 47. All but one of Hyrule Clan’s lineup got 30+, with Up in the 40+ club with Darklight. ARC’s MVP for this GP was Joe, with 31 points and the rest of ARC scoring from 16 to 25. GP2 Hc came out on top again and gained another 34 points on Arcadia Terra. This GP was much closer with individuals, the MVP being Zak, with 36 points. 4/6 of Hc’s LU got 30+ this GP, and only 2/4 of ARC joined them. GP3 had the biggest +/- gap for the match, with Hc practically doubling their lead and gaining another massive 84 points on ARC Terra. The MVP of this GP was yet again Zak, scoring 46 and giving him a grand total of 125 points and the MVP for the match. MrC MVP’d for Arcadia Terra yet again with 25 points, giving him a total of 79 and the MVP for ARC Terra.

    Division 5 - Nitro

    Quintessence finally broke their loss streak with this match, finally giving them some points up on the board. Qnt used an LU consisting of Shadow, Shaun, Hayashi, Leaf, Anthony, and Josh, with Prx using Flux, Luna, Marsh, Chris, Batboo, and Pink. In GP1 Qnt got off to a very good start and gained a massive 64 points on Paradox. The MVP of this GP was Qnt’s Shadow, scoring a fantastic 46 points. 4/6 of Quintessence’s LU got 30+ for this GP, but none of Prx was in the 30+ club this GP, with Flux scoring 27 as their highest point total for the GP. In GP2, Paradox did a little better, but still had a -46 GP for them, leaving them down by over 100 after only 2 GPs. The MVP of this GP was Qnt’s Anthony, who scored an immense 51 points. Half of Qnt’s LU got 30+ this GP, and Prx now had 2 players score 30+, with Flux MVPing for them yet again with 36 points. GP3 Qnt kept their amazing pace up and gained an immense 60 points on Paradox. In this GP there was a tie for the MVP, with Qnt’s Anthony and Hayashi both scoring 44 points. Prx’s MVP for this GP was Pink, who scored 29, and the rest of Prx scoring 25 or less. The MVP of the whole war was Qnt’s Anthony, scoring a enormous 121, and Hayashi also doing very well for Qnt and scoring 116. Prx’s MVP for this war was Flux, scoring 81, and Pink just behind him scoring 80. May Qnt’s win streak keep on going for as long as they can hold up!

    Two of the top 3 team in the div went head to head this week to give what was most likely to be an interesting match. For this week, Essency used an LU consisting of Ridge, Ace, Frinn, Shamron, Denis, Charly, and Teo for a sub, and Yoshi Family used Minegear, Gregas, Storm, Fifi, Thib, and Alex. In GP1, Yoshi Family took the lead, however it was a very small lead of 8 points. Essency took the MVP with 47 points by Frinn, however none of their players got between 30 and 40. The rest of their scores were for the most part extremely consistent, with most ranging from 24 to 29. Yoshi Family also had very consistent scores for the GP, with half of the LU getting 30+ and the others for the most part getting scores in the mid to high 20s. In GP2, Essency won by a landslide to say the least, gaining a momentous 88 points on Yoshi Family, now putting the lead into their hands. Frinn yet again took the MVP for this GP and actually ever so slightly improving his score with a 48 GP. All but 1 of Essency’s players got at least 28 this GP, with half of their LU breaking 40 for the GP. Thib did the best for Yoshi Family this GP, barely getting in the 30+ club. GP3 Yoshi Family took back the pace they had in GP1 and gained 6 points on Essency, but it wasn’t enough to close the gap Essency left in GP2. This GP Denis of Snc took the MVP with 41 points, and 2 of Snc’s other players scoring 30. Gregas ended up being the MVP for YF this GP, scoring 33 points and giving him a final score of 83, which was a 2nd place tie for YF’s side. 2 of Essency’s players broke 100 this war, with Frinn getting an outstanding 121 and Denis getting exactly 100, along with Shamron just short of the triple digits, getting 99 points.

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