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MKU Season 5 Week 5 Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Elpis, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Elpis

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    May 24, 2014
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    Myself, @Nitro86382 and @Fusion have written reviews on the past weeks MKU matches.
    Any criticism and areas for improvement are all welcome

    Division 1 - Protox

    Fatal Aces: Alex, Chibi, Daniel, Jared, Kyser, Leroy
    Wii Elite Clan: Bjorn, Giant, Jut, Max, Nizer, Zitrone

    Coming towards the halfway season, both teams face contrasting seasons compared to the previous season. Wii Elite Clan sit on 3 points, 5th place in the division, while Fatal Aces lead the way at the top with 13 points. Fatal Aces bring a solid overall lineup to try keep the division with Wii Elite clan bringing a lineup to try catch up to the other teams.

    GP1 had FA display a strong showing like they have done so far consistently this season with a +58 point lead GP, Jared providing the most points for them with 46. Bjorn from WEC could only manage a total of 39 to try lower the early deficit.

    GP2 was a more commanding performance from FA, breaking 200 points overall in the GP with 205, leaving a +82 GP and +128 overall leaving no room for WEC to mount a comeback. Alex, Chibi and Daniel provided high scores to create this lead with 51, 47 and 42 respectively with Nizer only managing 35 points against this strong showing by FA

    GP3 WEC were able to show a stronger showing but was not enough to beat FA in the GP as they lost by -26 points. Chibi and Kyser scored a 41 and 38 to prevent any slim chance of a comeback by WEC. Nizer and Max scoring a 31 was not enough individually to dent FA’s lead

    Chibi scored an impressive 126 with Alex and Daniel also able to get 100+ scores both scoring 106. Nizer could only pull an 87 for his team against a powerful scoring FA side. After the war, Nizer has this to say about the match and how WEC plan to tackle the second half of the season:

    “obviously we aren't very happy with how the war went overall, because we lost by a lot. We still had some fun playing and I think we kinda made the best of it. we also didn't have pretty much our best 2 players available, which certainly didn't help, and there were a few instances of lag (especially Chibi) which were really annoying at times and which also hurt our teamplay on occasion. other than that, I think we couldn't really expect to win, because we've just been too inactive lately, with our last non-MKU war being over a month ago.we're hoping to still pull out some wins in the upcoming matches, hopefully we'll be able to use our best lineup a couple of times, and other than that just have as much fun as possible I suppose, because at this point it seems unrealistic to think that we can finish the season with a positive record”.

    As Wii Elite Clan look to next week against division favourites Severance, Fatal Aces have another opportunity to remain at the top against the struggling Dynamite.

    Dynamite: Alex, Dread, Joe, Matt, Nebs, Protox
    Divine Phoenix: Ayano, Blade, Dash, Joel, John, Robert

    Enduring a miserable season, Dynamite looked to gain their first points for the season against a very strong Divine Phoenix lineup to set themselves up with a newfound confidence for the second half of the season. Dynamite have had difficulties in recent weeks with member loss and called upon two members of their former second team to have enough players to play the match. They looked to pull a surprise against DVP to show they are capable of the pressures of Division 1. DVP have had an inconsistent season being able to match the league leaders Fatal Aces but losing to the likes of Mario Party and Severance and looked to work on a consistent form to assist them in finishing at the top of the division.

    GP1 had DVP able to take a decent lead of +30 to hurt DY’s attempts in keeping a close match. Robert and John’s high scoring of 45 and 40 along with Ayano’s 36 helped them build that advantage with Protox’s 39 from DY was the only high score that was able to lower the deficit to DVP.

    GP2 was a weaker display from DY, unable to reduce the deficit and instead lose the GP by more than the previous by -48 leaving them trail by -78. Joel and Robert kept the power scoring for DVP with a 47 and 44 with Alex and Dread from DY only managing a 35 and 34 while the rest of their team underperformed with scoring.

    GP3 showed signs of improvement for DY by having the closest GP of the war, yet it was still unable to match the consistency of DVP. With low scores all around, Alex’s MVP efforts were matched by John both sharing 34 but the consistency of DVP allowed Blade and Dash to score 33 and 30 with the rest of DY managing mid 20’s. They lost the GP by -28 but due to a repick by Joe on race 12, the GP deficit equaled the previous with a -20 penalty incurred leaving them -48 in the GP and -126 overall.

    Robert and John both found themselves scoring 100+ with 117 and 104. Joel scored a 92 which was also the highest score by DY’s Alex. Both sides gave their perspectives on how the war felt for them:

    “I think we played pretty good but that's not the best we can do. We just need some practice with teamplay and callouts honestly” -Joel, Divine Phoenix

    “Teamplay and track picks were good from DVP, they played to their strengths a lot and outplayed us. As for DY from what I saw we were misplaying in terms of items a bit, we left ourselves pretty open to being taken out by stuff like reds when we broke into higher spots”- Matt, Dynamite

    Dynamite still at the foot of the table, yet to score a point need to work over the upcoming week to try show their full capabilities against leaders Fatal Aces. Dynamite’s Leader, Mark, had this to say about their prospects for the remainder of the season.:

    “For DY's perspective we're still in the rebuilding phase.Outside of MKU we've been doing pretty well, we're active, people seem overall more happy. But this is about MKU: it's gonna be tough, but we're still trying our best to show we're still a skillful clan and don't give up easily.”

    Meanwhile, Divine Phoenix now have momentum to build on as they look forward to a matchup against Mario Party whom they had lost previously to in an attempt to gain on the leaders in the division. If they can get consistency in their performances, they are surely capable of that.

    Mario Party: Ice, Jamie, Kamek, Nato, Pyrus, Zinc
    Severance: Danny, Dark, Kay, Leo, Ruby, Xander

    With both teams having interesting weeks, the division favourites Severance surprised by a strong showing by Fatal Aces and Mario Party with a strong team performance against Dynamite, both teams come into the match with strong lineups looking to keep pace with Fatal Aces going into the second half of the season.

    GP1 was kept close by the two teams with Mp taking the GP by +4 points, Nato giving his team the highest score of 41 followed by a 39 by svc’s Xander. All around a consistent GP scoring wise for all players involved.

    GP2 left svc in a similar position to last week as they were stunned losing by -50 in the GP. None of their players could score above 30+ while 4 Mp players; Kamek, Nato, Ice and Zinc scoring 37, 35, 34 and 31 respectively.

    GP3 was a strong display of teamplay by svc to recover the deficit, winning by +60 and +4 overall in the war. Leo, Ruby and Kay all scoring big with 43, 41, and 37 with no other players scoring above 30+. Mp could only manage a highest individual performance of 29 by Nato.

    Kay and Nato shared the MVP for the match for their teams with 105 points just to emphasise how close both teams were able to keep the war. Severance now look to keep pace with Fatal Aces for the second half of the season and be able to pick up points when FA drop some to be able to win the division. They have a good opportunity next time against a struggling Wii Elite Clan Mario Party are placed against long time rivals Divine Phoenix to see once again who can come on top of the other to keep pace with the leading two teams.

    Division 2 - Matt

    Two French teams similar in skill played each other this week, and the result was quite the surprise to some. We start off in GP1, where wf took an adequate lead over GT, by 16 points. Pyrax from wf scored 43 in the first GP, and Raph from GT was right behind him with 38. It surely wasn’t too late for GT to comeback, and they truly exemplified this in the next GP when wf was suddenly put at a 24 point deficit, as GT won GP2 by 40 points. Raph once again showed up for GT getting 39 points, but Seboss transcended him by scoring 47. Wf clearly wasn’t going to go down this easily, not without a fight. In the last GP, wf scored 54 more points than GT, allowing them to win the war by a strong 30 points. Despite their loss, GT’s Raph MVP’d the war with 108 points, and Pyrax from wf scored just below him, getting 106.

    The other two French teams of the division played against each other this week as well. Things went a bit differently here, however. In the first race, PM fell behind a bit, but they quickly stepped up their game, and won GP1 by 30. PM’s Cosmo got 44 in this GP, which likely helped PM dominate. Moving on into GP2, PM played even better and continued to dominate, winning the GP by 44. This gave them a 74 point lead, in total. Cosmo once again scored well, getting a tremendous 49 points here in GP2. In the final GP, mw only lost it by 8, so the final score was 533-451, an 82 point loss for mw. Considering his great scores throughout the war, it was no surprise that Cosmo was the MVP, getting 117 points. SHAD and MYT (his teammates) were both behind him, getting just above 100 each.

    Lots of close matches this week, all over the divisions. This one was no exception. The war kicked off in GP1 as GEN’s Vantox scored a massive 47 points in 4 races, leading his team into winning the GP by 6. Keeping it close, GP2 was also a win for GEN, which they won by 12. Cynda of GEN came out on top in the second GP with 40 points. But in GP3, things slid downhill for GEN and arose for ARC. Winning each race by just enough, ARC won GP3 by 28 points. All of ARC’s players scored well in the end, and they came out with a well-deserved win. The top 2 individuals were from GEN (Cynda and Vantox) but 3rd goes to PGM of ARC, who hasn’t been playing very actively lately.

    Division 3 - Nitro

    This week was full of upsets, and this match was for sure one of them. In this match, Team Poop used an LU consisting of Spudd, Dub, Alex, Shy Guy, Digdig, and MiCka, with Aerilate using an LU of Azur, Marc, Dashi, Arix, Aexo, and Dark. GP1 was extremely close, with Aerilate barely edging out and gaining 2 points on YTP. The MVP of this GP was Azur, who scored an almost flawless 55 points. However, the rest of their LU scored 27 or less, and YTP had scores that ranged from 21 to 38. GP2 was yet another very close GP, with Aerilate gaining another small 8 points. The MVP of this GP was YTP’s Spudd, getting a fantastic 43, and Aerilate’s Marc just behind him scoring 42 for the GP. Aerilate had half of their LU get 30+, with YTP only have 2 out of 4 with 30+. The final GP was yet AGAIN a very close GP, just like the other GPs of the war, with Aerilate gaining a final 10 points on YTP, giving them a 20 point lead at the end of the match. This GP Azur took the MVP yet again with an immense 54 points, giving him a total of 131 and the MVP of the match. 2 of the other Aerilate players broke 90, the same for YTP.

    This match started off a bit rocky but ended up with a smooth finish. High Definition used an LU consisting of Nicola, Zap, Kyle, Luke, Hunter, and Dugo, with Alliance Rainbow using Exo, Jerem, Benji, Roma, Flo and Seb for this match. GP1 ended up being a 5v5 in which HD gained 30 points on AR. In this GP, HD’s Nicola took the MVP with a fantastic 42, with the 2nd place spot for the GP a good 9 points behind by Jerem with 33. Half of HD’s LU got 30+ this GP, with AR doing not so hot. GP2 the 6v6 started, and HD gained another 16 points on AR. In this GP, Kyle took the MVP with 42 points. This GP HD yet again had half of their LU get 30+, with AR getting much better indivs this GP with 2 out of 6 getting 30+ and none getting less than 20. In the final GP, HD settled the score with a massive 62 points gained over AR. HD’s Zap took the MVP for the GP, with a massive 51 points, giving him a total score of 99. The MVP of this war was HD’s Kyle, scoring 109, and Nicola just behind him scoring 56. AR’s MVP for the war was Flo with a total of 81.

    This war was the champs of the division vs. some of the underdogs in the div. sG used an LU consisting of Blaze, Miu, Lez, Bryce, Jacob, and Jake, with HB using Swift, Snickers, Avo, Julot, LG, and Aurel, with Kidou as a sub. GP1 was a tie GP, a good start to an interesting war. The MVP of this GP was HB’s Avo, with an amazing 43. GP2 sG had a huge win, gaining 54 points on HB. the MVP of this GP was Blaze of sG, scoring a massive 44 points. In GP3, Serene Grace gained another 6 points on HB. The MVP of this GP was a tie with Bryce and Julot both scoring 43. The MVP of the whole war was HB’s Julot, scoring 107, and Avo just behind him scoring 106. The sG MVP was Bryce, scoring 103 points, along with almost all
    other sG players scoring 80 or above.

    Division 4 - Nitro

    These 2 top dog teams of the division both suffered sad losses last week, however this match still was to decide how the top 3 spots in the division would end up. Wii Kings used an LU consisting of Phil, Kyoto, Desert, Can, Al
    en, and Flarix, and Divine Phoenix 2 used Chris, Membu, Solaris, Samuel, Mewwy, and Slyfox with Autumn as a sub for this match. GP1 was a staggering win for W-K, in which they gained an immense 84 points. Wii Kings had half of their LU break 40 for the GP, with Kyoto taking the MVP and scoring a massive 49. DVP’s MVP was Chris with 32, and the rest of their LU getting scores ranging from 8 to 27. GP2 was a much closer GP, with W-K adding another 10 points to their lead, giving them almost +100 after only 2 GPs. This GP Chris of Divine Phoenix took the MVP, getting a fantastic 45 points, and the rest of DVP scoring from 33 to 12. W-K had half of their LU get 30+ and ⅔ of the others scoring in the high 20s. GP3 was yet again a close GP with W-K gaining a final 14 points to their already solid lead. This GP DVP’s Autumn took the MVP with 40 points, and the rest of DVP’s scores being a bit all over the place. W-K’s scores were decently consistent, with Phil taking 37 for the GP and giving him a final score of 112 and the MVP of the match. Half of W-K’s LU managed to break 100, and Chris being DVP’s only player to get triple digits with a final score of 109.

    Two teams that have been losing a decent bit of their matches going head to head. Oracles used an LU consisting of Mick, Flammie, Sam, Mitch, Lucid, and Kyske, with Arcadia Terra using Radi, Wolfy, Joe, Dragmire, Oli, and Speck. GP1 Oracles won by a landslide, gaining a massive 80 points on ARC. The MVP of this GP was ARC’s Wolfy, scoring a fantastic 43 points. However, almost all of the Oracles LU got 30+ for the GP, with Kyske scoring 41. GP2 was much closer, but Oracles took the win yet again gaining another 22 points on ARC. This time Speck took the limelight and MVP’d the GP with a score of 44, with most of Oracles LU yet again getting 30+. The final GP ARC took the win, but it wasn’t enough to come back. They won the GP by 8 points, with Wolfy yet again taking the MVP for the GP with 43 points, with Joe and Kyske just behind him with 42. The MVP of this match was Oracles’s Kykse with 109 points, with Mitch and Wolfy right behind him with 108. All but one of Oracles scored 80 and above, with Mick being their lowest scorer getting 65. ARC got fairly solid scores, with 4 out of 6 breaking 70 points for the war.

    Division 5 - Protox

    Rated R: Azuza, Dark, Hydro, Josh, SiKH, Sinic
    Paradox: Batboo, Dev, Joseph, Maci, Marsh, Sammy

    With both teams not in the position as they would be like to be in, Rated R attempt to chase down Essency while Paradox look to get more points to place higher midtable.

    R produced an outstanding +84 GP1 with Azuza and Dark scoring a 45 and 42. Maci was able to stand out in an underperforming prx side with 38. R overall kept consistent 30+ and mid 20+ scores.

    GP2 was another strong showing by R winning by +58 and +142 overall. Azuza once again scoring the highest with a 40 point GP followed by his teammate Josh with a 36. Marsh manaded 35 for prx as R once again showing consistent high scores all around while only 1 member of prx was able to put a slight dent in their GP lead.

    GP3 was another outstanding display by Azuza who failed a perfect GP, left with 46 points, as R took another solid GP win by +44 and +186 overall. Josh once again provided strong support for his team with a 34 GP matched by Maci of prx. R once again had the powerful consistent scores. While prx did improve their scoring, they were lacking with a 16 and 13 by Sammy and Dev

    Unsurprisingly, Azuza produced an MVP performance of an amazing 131 points supported by Josh, Dark and Hydro with 104, 99 and 90. Maci’s performance from prx was only good enough to match Hydro as prx were unable to score 400 overall with mediocre scoring from players. Rated R can enjoy a break next weekend, getting an extra 3 points to catch Essency while Paradox go up against the unpredictable team of Quintessance to get off the foot of the table.
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    The MVP of this war was HD’s Kyle, scoring 109, and Nicola just behind him scoring 56.
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    Gj on your first week of reviews Protox

    Except for this part considering this isn't even what I put on the google doc like wtf
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    Yea that's about to change :cool:
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    Protox ur reviews are great!
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    other than that pretty good reviews

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