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MKU S6 D4 Mid Season Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Darren, May 22, 2016.

  1. Darren


    May 20, 2015
    Massachusetts, USA
    High Definition (HD)
    MKU S6 Mid-Season Review - Division 4
    by Darren

    Division 4 may not be a division that people pay much attention to, but the division deserves more attention, as it is quite a close one. All of the top 4 teams are currently within 1 win of each other, so it's pretty much anyone's game! Although there have been no major upsets yet to happen, the battle for the crown is amazingly tense. Hopefully the fight stays close throughout, as it will be quite interesting to see who will come out on top! At the moment, 2 teams are tied for 1st, while #3 and #4 are only one win behind.

    Here are how the standings currently look after week 5:

    One of the teams currently at the top is Hearts Brothers. They were in division 3 in the previous season, but they might just end up back there in season 7! Although they lost to oracles week 1, HB have just been getting better. Since then, they have won every match by at least 40, even managing to stomp over Arcadia Terra by 116! HB's best player at the moment is Swift, who is averaging around 38 points a gp! HB can only look forward now, hoping to get first just like anyone else.

    Splitting the crown with HB at the moment are last season's division 1 chumps, Dynamite. Despite their tragic 0-0-10 record last season due to an astounding member loss, DY are trying their best to redeem themselves. So far they seem to fit a lot better in this division, their only loss being to HB thus far, which must be sparking quite a rivalry between the two teams! DY opened up quite strong, getting large victories to ARC Terra and Oracles, and had the top to themselves until their demise to HB week 3. DY's current leader of points is Alex, putting up an average of 33 points per GP. However, DY seems to still be struggling to keep it's members, as it has seen quite a few people leave this season. Hopefully the clan can.bounce back, but some say that they may not even finish this season due to its member loss. However, from what I've seen, DY is a very resilient team, and they will try their best to finish out the season.

    Next up is one of the teams tied for 3rd, which is Oracles. This team does not often war outside of MKU (as far as I know), but they are still a contender for first at this point. This far their only losses are to DY and WEC, both teams that this team can probably beat with a solid performance. There are also 3 people on the team having averaged 30+ points per GP this far, them being Lucid, kykz, and Mitch. Oracles are definitely not a team to just sleep on, because if they can play well, they have a good chance at claiming the title.

    Also in 3rd place at the current moment is WEC, who were also in division one last season, but lost several of their best members to RU. Many thought that WEC would not continue, but a few old members have risen from the dead to keep the clan going, which is amazing to see. WEC has only lost to the two teams in 1st thus far, but were able to keep one of the matches fairly close. WEC still has a fair shot at a top 3 spot, or maybe even a top 2 spot. So far Nizer has been averaging nearly 37 points per GP, which also helps the team a lot. Having been a team that has gone through various struggles during the past few months, they have a strong mentality and will not back down from any challenge thrown their way.

    In 5th place far from any other team at the moment is Arcadia Terra. Their performance last season in division 4 wasn't great, and they unfortunately seem to be repeating themselves. So far their only win has been to Elegance, who had not won a single match. Otherwise, they have been dealing with deficits as large as 116 points. This team seems to be struggling to find enough confidence to win again. Even though the team has some decent players, things just shape up to not go their way it seems. So far their highest person on the indiv charts is Speck, who is only at #13. With a current streak of 3 losses, it will be hard for the team to have positivity, but it would be really cool to see the team win a couple matches.

    In last place is Elegance, who only played 3 matches before unfortunately having to drop from the season due to just being inactive in general. Elegance had not played MKU in a while, and they had just reunited to play again, even with Luso rejoining the squad. However, things just didn't go as planned, and they couldn't find enough motivation to continue on it seems. It is very unfortunate to see teams drop, but it's not like they had any control over it.

    Now, here is my analysis of a couple matches that I found to be the most interesting, and have shaped the division to be where it is at the moment.
    Going into the match, DY had won both of their previous matches by nice margins, giving them a +- ratio of nearly 200! Meanwhile, HB had an even score of 1-1, but just came off of an 80 point victory to WEC, giving them a nice confidence boost into this match. Here is how everything went down:

    GP1 started out in favor of DY, but only by a margin of 12. DY was able to secure a nice top 2 with Alex and Sebi, both scoring 43. For HB, Swift put up a solid 39 points. This was still anyone's match, however.

    GP2 was in huge favor of HB, scoring more than 200 points this gp, and winning the gp by 78 points! They manages to get top 4 spots on the gp, all of them scoring above 30, Swift even getting 49! They were able to keep all of DY under 30 points this GP as well. This gave all of the momentum to HB, and most likely secured them the win due to a huge decline in DY's morale, which was quite evident after the match.

    GP3 was a victory for DY, winning it by 32. However, this made no difference, as HB still ended up winning the war, giving DY its first loss of the season. DY got top 3 in the gp, but this really didn't matter at this point. HB's Swift was able to score a massive 118 points, far above anyone else that war, earning him the MVP.

    I'm including this match due to the fact that these teams are currently tied, and this match could play a role on who will be on top of the other team by the season's end.

    Anyways, going into the match, Oracles was one win ahead of WEC, Oracles also being in a 3 way tie for 1st record wise. WEC meanwhile had an even record going into the match. It was highly anticipating to see what would go down.

    GP1 gave WEC a comfortable lead of 22 points to start the match along with fairly consistent indivs ranging from 41-21. On the other hand, Oracles had a couple people break 30, but some others in the teens.

    GP2 was literally the exact opposite, Oracles having accomplished the GP win by 22 now. For Oracles, Flammie scored 45 points, with others doing pretty well as well. All of a sudden this match became really tense, as it was now a stalemate, and whoever won GP3 would win the war. It was now up to both teams to try their best and try to come out on top.

    GP3 resulted in WEC nearly doubling what they did GP1, winning the GP by 40. This put WEC tied with Oracles in the standings, and Oracles was no longer a part of the 1st place teams. The MVP of this war was WEC's Justin, scoring 117 and being the only one to break 100.

    Here is some media:

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  2. Avogadrox


    Feb 19, 2015
    Hearts Brothers
    Very nice review Darren :D

    If anybody want to see DY vs HB i made a little compilation with very very very very good music :

    (And if you want watch the full war i upload it but the quality is bad, so i if you want : )

    I will upload others wars of MKU in the future but with my exam i don't have so much time to make a compilation so maybe after :)
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