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MKU S6 D3 Mid-Season Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Nitro86382, May 26, 2016.

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    Aug 1, 2014
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    MKU Season 6 Mid-Season Review - Division 3
    by Nitro

    The clans in this division have had a wild ride throughout the whole season so far, with surprising ties, suspenseful finishes, and much more. The teams in this division both have things very in common and things very different about them. The division has one language almost every team entirely speaks, yet D3 also consists of many different types of teams: MK8 veterans, teams coming back from a retirement to regain their status, and teams that have just started their journey in MKU at the beginning of this season. Before we get into the teams and their experiences in the season, let's take a look at the standings so far.

    Now, let's go through each team one by one.

    Drift Riders

    After a significant hiatus from the Mario Kart 8 community, this team came back in the middle of season 5 and regained many of there former members, such as Ronan, Miu, Sig, and Yacine. Not only have these French players come back, they've come back in a big way, winning every single match they've done so far for this season, putting them in the first place spot. Week one they established their power in the division with the biggest non-forfeit win of the week versus the veterans themselves, Team Poop. Week 2 they had their closest match of the season, just barely edging out a 6 point win versus Gravity Team. Week 3, DR reestablished their big power in the division with a significantly large, 78 point win over the divisions newest team, Inward. In week 4, DR had it easy with a forfeit from Alliance Rainbow. In week 5, they left Hyrule Clan in the dust with a magnificent 144 point win. In these matches, Drift Riders has proven to be fairly consistent in their GP scores and very consistent in their individual scores, with at least half of their LUs having point totals within a 5-10 point range. Players such as Ronan and Shad, a fantastic player who recently started playing for DR, have been their stand-out players so far in the season, both of them consistently scoring very well in their matches.

    Gravity Team

    This veteran clan has come back from the dead after having previous seasons that weren't so hot. The fact that most of their MKU players have been playing with each other for a ridiculously long time, such as Seboss, Kemboy, Dusse, and Iouls, has put them in a 2nd place spot through their synergy. They've had close matches that have left us on the edge of our seats multiple times through the season, one of these matches being week 1. In this week, they faced the newest team in the division, Inward, and pulled of a 14 point win, which could have very well been a loss if one little thing went wrong, as Inward pulled a surprisingly huge comeback in the last GP of the war, but it just wasn't enough to beat GT. In week 2, GT got the end of the stick that Inward got in week one, and ended up losing the match by a mere 6 points. They too had an insane comeback in the 2nd GP, and were just barely winning going into GP3, but couldn't get by and ended up losing the war. Week 3 brought them a bit of a break from their heartbreaking loss in the last week through a forfeit by Alliance Rainbow, due to them ending up dropping after a few weeks. Their loss in week 2 definitely didn't stop them, as 2 weeks later they played their next actual match and won by 46 against Hyrule Clan, giving them their biggest win of the season at the time. In week 5, Gravity Team upped their game ridiculously, absolutely demolishing Team Poop with a ridiculous 234 point win, and getting a very uncommon 600+ war. In the matches they've played so far, Gravity Team has actually proven to be not the most consistent team, with one or two people getting crazy high, 100+ scores, but the rest of them being somewhere in the 80's or 70's in most matches. However, in the matches Gravity Team has played so far, players such as Seboss, Thomeap, and Raph have stood out tremendously, getting scores in the 90's and the triple digits ridiculously consistently.

    Alliance Rainbow

    Disclaimer: All matches described in this section have turned into forfeits, but have still been mentioned due to them actually being legitimate matches that were played, just turned into forfeits due to AR dropping from the division after an automatic disqualification.

    Yet another veteran team in the Mario Kart 8 community has ended up in Division 3, however they've had a bit of a rough time. In this last Sunday, they had their third forfeit, which means they've been automatically disqualified from the division and dropped. However, that doesn't mean there isn't much to talk about with this team, because they still fought strong in the matches they played, using players such as Mattew, Power, and Toto to finish them off in a solid 3rd place before their sad demise just a couple days ago. In week one, they took a win over Hyrule Clan that was actually very close to being a loss after a major comeback from Hc in GP3 and a repick that very well could have cost them the war if one little thing went wrong. Week 2 was yet another win for AR, this time being a little over double their last with a 30 point lead in the end. Week 3 brought the first tie of the season versus Gravity Team, in which AR had a major comeback in the final GP that gave them a solid outcome. Week 4 brought AR's first true forfeit versus AR, starting the snowball that ended up becoming forfeits in both week 5 and week 6. Although their season was short lived, many surprising came with AR's matches, such as very suspenseful comebacks from both AR and their opponents. In the matches AR ended up playing, players such as Mattew and Power ended up being their stand out players, with both of them consistently getting scores in the triple digits and just below them.

    Hyrule Clan

    This clan has risen from the depths in the last few seasons, going from the bottom all the way to D3 in just 2 seasons. They've used players such as Play, Zak, and Spars to bring them up to where they are now, and they're doing their best to put up a fight in this very tense and interesting division. Week one, they suffered a very close, 10 point loss to Alliance Rainbow, in which they almost came all the way back but just barely fell short. However, this match was turned into a free win for Hc due to AR's drop. In week 2, Hyrule Clan earned their first true win versus Inward, and it wasn't a small one either. In fact, they won by 72, which by far is their only non-forfeit win of the season. Week 3 Hyrule Clan surprised us all by ending up with a tie versus Team Poop. As they did in Week 1's true match, they came back drastically, but this time it ended up with a much better result that the war versus Alliance Rainbow. In week 4, Hyrule Clan suffered a 46 point loss to the quickly rising Gravity Team, where they pulled back slightly in the last GP, but it just wasn't enough to make the comeback. In week 5, Hyrule Clan suffered a major, 144 point loss to the reigning champs, Drift Riders. They were able to close the gap tremendously in the last GP, but it was far too late for them to win the war. In their season so far, Hc has demonstrated that they can make amazing comebacks at just the right times to close gaps tremendously in their matches. There have been a few different people who have gotten the big points in each war for them, and it seems to be different every war. Examples of people that have gotten in the triple digits and even the fairly high triple digits are Zak, Play, and Sparks.


    This clan started their life off as a casual sub-clan for the best players in the community that solely use inward bikes. However, in the off season just before S6, they decided to come back after dying off a while back, still sticking to the theme of only using inward bikes in all of their matches. Their main man Ruby has been able to show that he still has what it takes on an inward bike even after stopping the constant use of it in the wars he played. In week 1, Inward showed that they weren't going to be a complete pushover in the division by only losing by a mere 14 points to Gravity Team. They almost made a fantastic comeback in the final GP, winning it by 56 points, but it just barely wasn't enough to beat GT. For their week 2 match, Inward faced Hyrule Clan, and ended up with their first major loss. They started out with a not so hot GP1, but were able to reel it back in a little bit with a +24 GP3, but it wasn't enough to bring them back all the way to a win. In week 3, Inward suffered another quite major loss versus Drift Riders, the clan currently sitting at the top of the division. They were able to reduce the +/- gap majorly, but after a devastating GP1 they couldn't come back yet again. In week 4, Inward had their biggest loss of the season so far against Team Poop. They pulled it back almost to a tie game after GP2, but ytp just had a great last GP and ended up winning the war. Week 5 gave Inward their first break with a forfeit from Alliance Rainbow.

    Team Poop

    Although Team Poop's record is better than Inward, They take the bottom spot however due to a couple bonus points from iD. From a team that may have played division 2 this season, this performance is quite unexpected. This squad's experience this season has so far been much rougher than last season. Week 1 they fell to Drift Riders by 56 points, starting them off with an iffy season in one of their many MKU seasons. The next week they played Alliance Rainbow and ended up losing by 40 points after two very close GPs but one in which AR took by a lot. However, this loss was later turned into a win due to Alliance Rainbow dropping from the division. Week 3 was a draw vs Hc after an insanely good GP but an insanely good comeback from Hyrule Clan, giving them a 1-1-1 record. Week 4, however, they were able to get their first legitimate win, beating out iD by 72 with a blowout GP3 to give them the win However, week 5 completely diminished their spirits, losing by more than 200 to GT. Unfortunately no bonus point for Team Poop yet, as their losses have all been quite massive. Although they've had a bit of a rough season, players such as Spudd and Alex have still been putting up quite the fight, being some of Team Poop's top scorers so far for this season.

    Hyrule Clan LU: Zak, Sparks, Origin, Play, Neo, Manu
    Team Poop LU: Spudd, Alex, Shy Guy, Bre'z, Dub, Walls, Nem40 (Sub)
    MVP: ytp Spudd - 132 Points

    This has been probably the most surprising turnaround match of the season, with multiple blowout GPs, one from both teams in fact.

    Team Poop had their blowout GP in GP1, getting a massive +58 after only 4 races. It all started when they got a +32 race on Music Park, and from there it was uphill for them for the rest of the GP. Spudd ended up with a very close to perfect GP, as well as Alex and Shy Guy being 2 players in the 3-way tie for second place scoring 37 points. Hyrule Clan's Zak was their top scoring player for the GP, being the 3rd person in the 3-way tie for second, scoring 37 points.

    GP2 was where Hyrule Clan got their foothold in the war, gaining 16 points on Team Poop and started their momentum, completely cancelling out Team Poops fantastic race GP1 with a +32 race on Dolphin Shoals. Despite Team Poop getting top 2 in individuals with Alex getting 42 and Spudd getting 41, all of Hyrule Clan ended up getting a score in-between 23 and 38, handing them the win for the second GP.

    GP3 was where Hyrule Clan had their blowout GP of the war, in which they won by 42, making the war into a magnificent tie after a +16 last race. This GP, Zak mirrored Spudd's GP1 and got 57, along with a 36 from Origin. on Team Poop's side for the GP, Alex and Spudd were their top scorers, with 35 and 34 points. In the end, Spudd ended up being the MVP of the war with 132 points as well as Alex getting 114. Team Poop had 1st, 3rd, and 4th overall, which is very good, but they also ended up with 9th and bottom 2 overall. Hyrule Clan got 2nd overall with Zak scoring 125 points, as well as getting 5th through 8th places and 10th overall for the war.

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