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MKU S6 D2 Mid-Season Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Speck, May 20, 2016.

  1. Speck


    Jun 15, 2014
    MKU Season 6 Mid-Season Review - Division 2
    by Speck

    Season 6 for Division 2 has proven to be one of, if not its most exciting seasons, with several matches coming down to the wire, and points distributed widely across several teams. No team can truly be counted out of the running for sure, and teams will surely be looking to adapt and develop their strategies as they prepare to face their adversaries for a second time.

    Leading the charge for gold is Arcadia Sky. Teeples' team notoriously struggled to gain ground in the inception of last season, with several losses either within or scraping single figures. This season, however, Sky has seen tremendous leaps and bounds in progress, seemingly ironing these past concerns and following through on several wins thus far, leading on naturally from their very confident closing to the previous season. Only their matchup against High Definition has seen flashes of the past crop up, and their second encounter should see a similar blossoming of friendly rivalry. If Arcadia Sky can parallel their work put in the previous five weeks, the banner and promotion to the top is very much within their grasp.

    Currently sporting silver is the division débutées, Reunion. Generally considered the favorites to win at the season's beginning, Reunion still find themselves in a superb spot, and their potential to overtake into pole position is still absolutely present. Despite sharing the same win-loss ratio as the two teams below them, Reunion have capitalized incredibly efficiently in terms of points difference, zoning out the likes of Midnight Wasps and Serene Grace. The likes of Arcadia Sky and High Definition has instilled some degree of concern, yet no doubt Bjorn's boys will be seeking to rectify these losses into the second half and earn a promotion spot, with the banner certainly still foreseeable.

    Sitting crystal clear in bronze is High Definition. Rookie's roundup has seen some clean progression since their return into the competitive scene, having finished as runner ups in Division 3 in the previous ten-week set, and now see themselves shaping up to deliver a similarly solid season this time around. Uniquely, High Definition appear to perform admirably against the teams that succeed them points-wise, having plugged Arcadia Sky away from a perfect half, and squeaked a win over Reunion. However, HD have found themselves falling a little flat in matches against Division 3 rivals Serene Grace, as well as Division 2 veterans Midnight Wasps. In the second season, High Definition will likely be looking to convert their hard-fought wins against the division titans into raw consistency against all teams; should they achieve this, they too shall become a genuine threat to steal an advancing spot, or even the golden banner.

    Just shy of a podium position, standing elegantly in fourth, is Serene Grace. After an utterly tremendous season prior, with an undefeated season and the sole team with a positive points average, this season would surely test their mettle against some stronger squads. Though it has by no means been the harmonious experience they had last time, Damian's dozen-and-half-dozen have proven more than capable of holding their own this time round, having felled the teams below their rank, as well as trumping over their rival, High Definition, for the third time the competitive setting. Going forward, Serene Grace's main priority will likely focus on toppling the titans in the top two. Should that realization come into fashion, Serene Grace could very well find themselves gliding upwards.

    Stinging their way, facing the darker side of the table, is Midnight Wasps. Having spent the longest of any other team in Division 2, Felix's flock has seen several teams come and go, and though they've never fallen particularly short points-wise in any of those seasons, they still find themselves unable to buzz into a podium position. This is emphasized by the very fact that in this season, they again appear down, but are definitely not out. Sharing in Serene Grace's woes, they find themselves in a struggle against Arcadia Sky and Reunion; however, their wins over Nferno Moon and High Definition show some promise, and it would take only one or two clean wins on the flip side of the season to see themselves back in the running. Midnight Wasps have proven resilient in previous seasons, and if they can apply themselves to their best potential once more, it could prove another fruitful season for the Wasps.

    Finally, shrouded by the night, but with a shining beacon in the sky, is last place Nferno Moon. Boshi's battalion find themselves in perhaps the most curious post, having finished in deadlock last time, only to find their roster diversified and enriched, placing them in this division to hopefully outperform on their last attempts. It is absolutely vital to point out that, although Nferno Moon have struggled to latch onto points, they have bought several of their matches to close call, having three defeats within 30 points, one of which was to silver-crown holders Reunion. Having recently added some fresh veteran players to their roster, and given some time for these players to mesh together, Nferno Moon absolutely cannot be counted out of the running yet, even if the sheer scale of points difference appears an uphill climb.


    With a fresh season in tow and new teams and updates to existing team's rosters, this was the season's matchup inception that left most puzzled as to which team would triumph. On the one hand, Reunion birthed into the season aiming to reach for the sky, wanting to prove right off the bat that they were a team that deserved to be backed. On the other, High Definition, who, after producing a great season prior, would need to be ready to be tested from the get-go, to make certain they would not be left in the dust of their previous successes. Both teams put forward rosters sporting some incredibly staple individual talents. Coming from LU was the likes of former Wii-Kings frontman Kyoto, former Wario Stadium World Record holder Ansgar, and Flarena, producer of the highest individual average of any player in MKU history, just shy of 700 points in 5 matches. For HD, multiple Top 10 holder and Legopad inventor SuperFX, as well as Jamie and Vector, former remnants of the Mario Party team that secured last season's bronze medal. Streamed to the masses via MKBoards, it would be the match that set the tone for the D2 matches to come.

    Right from the get-go, it's an absolute tussle for spots and clusters. The first race, Tick-Tock Clock, sees HD rotate reds and make use of a very effective soundhorn in first lap to land 1-3-4, only for RU to occupy the middle spots. Reunion followed with Dolphin Shoals, only for the reverse to happen; RU draft up and kill off HD at the choke point of the end of the eel, only for HD to bully their backline to RU to Top 4 and bottom 2, otherwise dampening a great race for RU. The chaos of Race 3 Cheese Land permits SuperFX and Vector to sneak into a Top 2 breakaway, with members following on shrooms by its closing moments. Music Park sees little alteration, though some RU slither their way into the chinks of HD's previous foundations. Despite this, HD look sharp with a +8 lead into the middle set of four, with HD Brit Jamie top of the pops with 40 points.

    Race five, Sunshine Airport, sees RU flipping over several HD karts, monopolizing thereafter on a relatively uncontested guaranteed winning race of Top 3. Naturally, RU attempt to keep the ball running with Wario Stadium, yet it backfires, as HD use their 4-7 spots before to draft one another and whittle down RU forces. Only Zauber is left to hold the fort for RU at the top by its finishing, with HD now supplying 2-6 to their investment. Hyrule Circuit is picked by RU, but the room disconnects. We shall return to the remaining races of this GP shortly...

    Now also seating 7th after the room disconnect, roaming into GP3, HD lock in Electrodome. It does not fulfill its purpose, however, as Kyoto relentlessly holds onto first for the team, giving time and space for them to boost and power up. It results in 4 of 6 top spots for RU, backing HD into exhausting Dry Dry Desert. In similar vein to Cheese Land the action is discernible, though Rookie and SuperFX are barred to the back, and RU supply their advantage with top-middle spots. Next on the list is DK Jungle, and though Jamie is free to pursue a tremendous frontrun, some unflattering play from select HD members hands away 2-4 to RU. An unfortunate disconnection from Flarena leads to a 5-man affair for RU on Excitebike Arena. Regardless, thanks to some impressive defensive redding and greening, as well as a legendary snipe from Baby Mario(!), it is still a solid race from them, earning 1-4-5. Though Jamie once again asserts dominance on 44, it is ultimately damage control, as RU's cluster, 5 members scoring between 37-26, that propels them 18 points up and 10 over HD...

    ... Until we return to complete the second Grand Prix. After a room reset jumbling spots, RU select GBA Mario Circuit. Kyoto and Flarena break away undisturbed, but some 2-7 spot drafting and red meatshielding grants them 3-6, neutralizing RU's momentum. With the points difference now in single figures, the final pick locked in... Mario Kart Stadium. A soundhorn from SuperFX crushed Kyoto and Flarena's intentions of another frontrun, and HD replaced with their own. Remaining members from the team patiently baited out RU red shells and caught in the final few seconds, stealing away the victory with a Top 3-8-10-11, a win of a measly 6 points all in all. Combined with races 5-6, they won that set by 16, and netted a HD shutout for GP MVPs, with SuperFX sounding the victory melody on 41.

    The result of this war would set some precedent for both team's future for the four weeks following. High Definition hit the ground running, continuing their momentum with wins in Weeks 2 and 3, though finally were delivered a humbling by Week 4. Not deterred by a narrow loss, Reunion quickly dusted themselves off and asserted dominance in Weeks 2, 4 and 5, swiftly climbing up the ranks.

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