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MKU S6 D1 Mid-Season Review

Discussion in 'MK8 Official Media' started by Elpis, May 20, 2016.

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    MKU Season 6 Mid Season Review - Division 1
    by Protox

    We are at the halfway point in the current season of Mario Kart Universal. Division 1 has provided a very interesting fight at the top leaving a large gap for the chasing teams. There has been blowouts, close matches and a couple of upsets to make the second half of the season just as exciting as the first and more. This article will provide an analysis of how each team has done so far this season along with their standout player, key matches that have forged the current standings and also a collection of recorded matches to see how everything this season has unfolded to have the standings we currently have.

    Here is how everything is shaping up currently;

    Fatal Aces continue where they left off last season at the top of Division 1 with 13 points having 4 wins and a relatively close loss against Star Clan giving them the Bonus point to just edge them ahead of Severance and Star Clan. It’s certainly possible based on what has happened so far to replicate what they achieved last season, it’s only a matter of if they are able to. Daniel is currently their highest scoring player, in which their only loss of the season happened when he was absent from the lineup. Fatal Aces will want to try and keep him in every lineup possible to keep up their winning ways.

    Severance lie in second place with 12 points still with a good chance of topping the division. They too have also won 4 with a surprising sizable defeat to Fatal Aces leaving them without the Bonus Point and at a disadvantage if they were to drop another game. Xander has been a key part in the teams success showing a strong consistency to top the individual charts. His experience in playing with the Japanese side of the community and veteran knowledge coming from MKW, He's proven to be a key figure in the side time and time again.

    Star Clan are the surprise of the division, keeping pace with Severance on 12 points and being able to take down the division leaders Fatal Aces. They briefly took the division lead Week 4 before being defeated by Severance last weekend. Star Clan have proven their Division 1 capabilities amongst all the doubters but can they mount a challenge for the division title? With how they’ve done so far, there’s nothing really stopping them from doing so. Roberto, despite being well known to main a lower-tier character, is showing that the penalty isn't doing anything to him as he sits 4th overall on the indivivual chart being the highest scorer for Star Clan. He'll want to keep working around this hindrance in order to keep providing for his team as he's done ever so often.

    Palingenesis seems a long way off the top 3 despite being in 4th place only managing 6 points from their first 5 games. They have only managed to beat the teams below them such as Divine Phoenix and Princess Monarchy but have yet to put a dent in the Top 3 who are running away from everyone else. The ability is certainly there in the team and with a strong showing in the second half, there is an outside chance of reaching 3rd place but seeing how well the Top 3 are doing at the minute, their job becomes a lot more difficult. Jordan is currently their best player, however has tended to struggle to play at the default time. When he plays, he is a vital asset to the side and his loss during the times he's unavailable has proven to considerably weaken the side.

    Divine Phoenix in previous seasons have been able to keep in the top half of the table and keep matches close when losing. However, this season it is as if the hunger and desire to challenge for more is gone, only managing 3 points when defeating the footstools of the division, Princess Monarchy. With many members leaving post-MKU, there is a chance it will continue to affect their performances, or it could give them motivation to go out with something, only time will tell. Through all their dramas, Logic is sitting 7th on the individual chart. If Divine Phoenix want any chance of having a strong showing for the remainder of the season, he is certainly a player they do not want to have on tilt.

    Princess Monarchy, after coming off an amazing season, they will feel rather disappointed that they have gone without a win in this division however, the majority have expected them to be in this position. There were glimpses that they could do something in the division, keeping Severance honest for a while but had the member exodus that Dynamite encountered last season to deal with. Remarkably through these defeats, Cosmo has remained 2nd on the individual charts, averaging .2 less than the Division MVP, Xander who is one of the most experienced players around. Unfortunately, Princess Monarchy have discontinued playing in the Division for the remaining matches. Only time will tell what is next in store for this team that has had a miraculous rise through the divisions the past few seasons.

    Key Matches:

    Two matches that shaped the top of the division standings involved Fatal Aces. Both of their matches were upsets despite the conclusion being different each time. Their victory against Severance made it clear it wouldn’t be a simple 10-0 season for them while their defeat to Star Clan was a good showcase of the potential Star Clan have at the top level. Here is a quick recap of what went down in those matches;

    Star Clan: Blake, Ferg, Ornan, Pyrus, Roberto, Sui
    Fatal Aces: Alex, Chibi, Kyser, Jax, Leroy, Sergeant Guy Subs: Coloss

    This match was certainly one of the more anticipated matched in the division, both teams off to 2-0 starts along with Severance. The three way tie had to be broken at the top eventually but neither team could afford a loss in case Severance ran away with it.

    Fatal Aces took the early lead after GP1 with Jax and Alex putting up a 40 and 34 which could only be retaliated by a 33 by Pyrus and a 31 by Ornan and Roberto. Consistent scores all around but with Jax’s performance and Sui struggling with 14 points, it opened up the small margin of 16 points

    GP2 was relatively similar with another 16 point victory, this time Alex and Sergeant Guy both getting into the 40’s with 42 and 40 GPs. Sui, Ferg, and Roberto managed 37, 34 and 32 to keep the pressure on Fatal Aces however once again, with all the high scoring, they had Pyrus and Blake struggling with 18 and 15 leaving Fatal Aces the opportunity to open up a sizable lead, fortunately for Star Clan, they too had underperforming players. Kyser and Leroy replicated Star Clan by also scoring 18 and 15.

    Before the start of GP3, Leroy was replaced by ColosS and it proved to go against Fatal Aces. While Chibi did manage to score 43, it was the consistent 30+ scoring of Star Clan that overturned a 32 point deficit into a 22 point victory. ColosS only managed 6, far worse than what Leroy had managed in the duration of the war. Alex, Kyser and Sergeant Guy also couldn’t score more than 20 points with 18, 17 and 15.

    The win put Star Clan tied at the top with Severance but because of Fatal Aces keeping this match within 20 points, they received a bonus point which the two teams at the top shouldn’t overlook.

    -Star Clan received -20 for breaking rule VI. i)
    -Fatal Aces received -10 for breaking rule III. d)

    Severance: Danny, Kay, Soldier, Tyler, Xander, Zinc
    Fatal Aces: Alex, Chibi, ColosS, Daniel, Jax, Sergeant Guy

    Last season, Fatal Aces did the double over Severance who are arguably the strongest clan around currently. In Circuit matches however, their fortunes turned out to be much different with svc taking Meltdown and Slipdrift. With their last 4 matches in MKU being 2 apiece, this was highly anticipated

    Fatal Aces took a pretty healthy lead after GP1, ColosS and Chibi managing 41 and 38 countered by a 34 from Xander. Fatal Aces had well rounded scores across the board whereas the likes of Tyler and Soldier only managing 20 and 19 giving Fatal Aces that 38 point lead

    GP2 was relatively the same, Fatal Aces taking it by 22 points with Jax and Chibi getting a solid 47 and 37 points. ColosS had a miserable GP compared to the last one only scoring 9. Apart from Daniel’s 19, very high scoring for Fatal Aces. Severance had mid to low 20 GPs but Zinc managed a 33 point GP to capitalise on some low scoring from Fatal Aces, keeping the outside chance of a comeback possible

    GP3 ended up much closer but the Aces took it once again by 8 points. Sergeant Guy managed a 41 GP while Soldier managed a 37 in response from Severance. The scores were rather matched all across the board despite Zinc and Chibi getting 14 and 13 for their respective teams.

    Star Clan, who were one of the surprise entries into Division 1 now sit at the top of the standings followed by Fatal Aces and Severance. Fatal Aces can go back above the pair of them if Star Clan slip up vs Severance in their upcoming match, however Fatal Aces do have a tough task going up against Palingenesis

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    Before the start of GP3, Leroy was replaced by ColosS and it proved to go against Fatal Aces. While Chibi did manage to score 43, it was the consistent 30+ scoring of Star Clan that overturned a 32 point deficit into a 22 point victory. ColosS only managed 6, far worse than what Leroy had managed in the duration of the war. Alex, Kyser and Sergeant Guy also couldn’t score more than 20 points with 18, 17 and 15.

    ? leroy rq'd and we 5v6'd 4 races coloss only played race 12

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