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[MKU-DX] An Introduction

Discussion in 'Help, Information, & News' started by Teeples, May 10, 2017.

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  1. Teeples

    Teeples http://i.imgur.com/wZdLxlV.jpg

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    Jun 13, 2013
    Ontario, Canada
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    Welcome to Mario Kart Universal (MKU)! Within this thread, you'll find all the information you need to know about the league!


    MKU Ruleset

    This is the ruleset that is used in all MKU matches. Please be sure to read it carefully. All rule updates will be posted here as well.

    MKU Staff Contacts
    If you need to contact a staff member, you can find their Discord ID and their forum username here!

    Rule Suggestions
    Think a rule should be changed? Think one should be added? Post it here!


    Register Your Team

    Only team leaders can register their team.

    Register Your Players / Yourself
    If you're a team leader, you can register players in your team. Of course, if you want to register yourself for a team, you can.

    Transfer Teams
    If you're a team leader, you can only transfer players within your team as well as to free agents. As a player, you can transfer yourself from team to team, or to free agents if desired.

    Switch FC Updates
    Have a new Switch? Update your registration with it here!


    MKU Casting Streams

    Want to watch matches casted by the MKU casting team? Find out when they will be casting on the official MKB Twitch!

    MKU Article Series
    Need to catch up on the latest upsets? Read the week recaps here!

    MKU Interviews
    Want to hear what it's like being behind the wheel, or a leader of an MKU team? Watch some of season 2's leaders talk about their experiences!

    MKU Discussion
    Want to discuss MKU, or predict who will win their matches in the upcoming week? Go here! (If you have a suggestion that isn't related to the rules, you may post a thread here)


    MKU Records

    Curious which team has had their biggest win in the season, or the highest individual points? Find out here! (outdated)

    Current Season
    Wish to know where teams currently stand in Season 4? Go here!

    Previous Seasons
    Wish to know where teams placed in the standings in previous seasons? Go here!

    Q: What is WCL?
    WCL is World Clan League, a Mario Kart Wii league that existed back in 2011 and is no longer. It was the largest and most successful league back in the day. They used a format that has been continued by leagues.

    Q: What is MKBL?
    MKU was previously named MKBoards League (MKBL) back when the game first released.

    Q: How do I join MKU?
    You must already be in a team to register for them in MKU. If you are seeking a team, post on this thread. If you're already in a team, follow the links given above under registration! Teams registering during the season will be seeded in the next season.
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