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General Mark

Discussion in 'MKU DX Staff Applications' started by Markness, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Markness

    Markness Х Staff Member

    • Global Moderator
    • Founding Member
    Jun 13, 2013
    (Posted in wrong section earlier)
    Not sure if MKU Staff is even open for new staff members. figured i'll post an application already.

    Position you wish to apply for: General.

    Why you should be a part of MKU's Staff: One of the main reason is me wanting the community to grow bigger and improve.
    I'd like to help the team out. with my experience and hard working mentality i'd like to think i can be a valuable addition to the staff.
    Also i'm a person who will speak up if i disagree with a topic or idea, trying to talk with the team in how to make some possible improvements or some tweaks before making changes to MKU.

    Previous Experience: MKB Moderator from October 2014 - June 2017.

    Activity Level: 8/10

    Contact information:
    Discord: Markness#0048

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