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Discussion in 'Important' started by BetoMan, Jun 20, 2018.

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    Recently we've faced a lot issues with MKBoards; but moving to a new server fixed the most-important issue: the downtime. A part from a few exceptions (1/2 minutes of downtime), the website has always been running and you haven't noticed the major problems. What problems? Here is a small list:

    - error logs in the admin panel
    - admins unable to rebuild the website cache ( = cannot install addons, fix themes, fix styles...)
    - random errors/javascript errors when posting
    - pictures and threads disappearing or can't be reached due to a damaged database record
    - https problems AND redirect problems due to internal bugs in the system
    - a lot of broken addons that slow down the website

    We moved to a new server, but "moving" =/= "improving". Basically we moved the old MKBoards to a new server; but it remains still, broken. The server is fast and good but the software is outdated (xenforo 1.5.0 is from 2015). There is NO way to fix the huge amount of problems that MKBoards is currently facing. Even Xenforo customer service devs were not able to give us a solution, and they suggested us to do a new start.

    And we have 5.6 gb of database full of threads, posts, memes, and other things (some of them have been posted before 2015) and we cannot make a backup.


    We have decided to create a new url and update the website in its entirety; it will be MKBoards with a new URL and some nice things that you may like (or not). The new website will be http://www.mariokartboards.com/ and it will have the following new features:
    • a working website
    • a not broken website
    • Xenforo 2.0.7 - which is the latest version with a lot of new features
    • It has a better layout (it comes with xenforo 2.0.7) with updated themes. There won't be 50+ themes like now but only a few
    • The official Xenforo website gave us the official translation files so we have MKBoards available (completely) in english, italian, french, spanish, russian and dutch. German is coming soon.
    • The admins have been working on themes, trophy points, important threads and posts, better medal system etc. You'll see everything going into the website
    Now there's something that you should read.

    1. This URL (forums.mkboards.com) is going to die at the end of november; I can't remember when but before December for sure. Starting from the August 12th, 2018 this website will be read-only and you'll have to register to the new website (if you wish to). You can register now if you want actually. We have moved the most important threads but we want mkboards.com to stay alive until November so you can copy paste your threads and necessary posts. Of course we cannot move everything and we aren't going to manually copy stuff from the database (we have a NEW WORKING system so we won't touch the core settings). We've moved the most important things. This website will be alive (but read only) until November so you have time to backup your posts/threads to the new website.
    2. If you have the Supporter status please register with the SAME email address to the new website so we can give you the supporter on the new website. Once you've registered, write a post on a thread in the new website (link) claiming for the supporter ribbon and we'll check the emails.
    3. The new website (https://www.mariokartboards.com/) is going to be in a read-only state until July 1st, 2018. This is to allow for signups to be monitored, and to ensure that members of staff have had some time to finalise details.

    People will lose their post count :(


    R E A D B E L O W

    If you still cannot access MKBoards, please read the post I've written in announcements. That's a way to try to fix a problem that it's in your network/settings. It's not something related to the host we have because almost everyone can access without any problem. I've personally checked the status of the system with one of the hosting admin and the server response are perfect, so you might look in your firewall settings, ISP firewall/settings or idk use google.

    I'm NOT giving you an assistance on a problem that can be caused from a ton of things. Use google as I do.
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