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Hyrule Circuit

Discussion in 'Triforce Cup' started by Sergeant Guy, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Sergeant Guy

    Sergeant Guy

    Jun 3, 2015
    Bowser's Castle
    not svc

    For once I finally get to describe the best course of the game. Goddamn finally Hyrule Circuit (heart)

    Let's see how much I can go in details into that amazing track !
    First turn and shroomspot

    Well, at the start of the track of course you will have to hop twice then slide once. Do Left right for the hop,then slide on the left.

    Then again,you will have to softdrift a little to charge the mt and gain time.

    Then move your pad completely on the right and release the mt. Keep in mind the release of it matters a lot because of how well the second hop must be placed lap1 :

    Then shroom as late as the game allows you to without losing time,and aim for the right because you only have 1 rupee instead of 10.

    Going for glider

    On the next turn,get the 3 rupees, but you must do that while softdrifting during some time.

    The hops after this smt are easily the most precise hops you have to do in the game.

    You have to hop twice on this part of the track :

    then aim for the left of the blue glider trick thing,otherwise you'll end up losing time randomly,because of how low the boost off the hops were.

    Try to get the coin at glider without going too high,it's pretty useless to go tight there due to the castle turn.

    Hyrule Castle

    Start off the drift right there
    then leave your pad neutral to do not go too wide or too close of the wall.

    2nd screenie shows perfectly when you can start going completely on the left.But,you only go on the right for like 2 or 3 seconds,lol

    Right there, go on the right again

    Then start hopping twice right there :

    Then you can start softdrifting to get a perfect mt,and go on the left right before reaching the first stair. For the 2nd MT,you have to release your first MT on the second stair

    Then constant softdrift until you will have to align yourself to get the coins. Do 2 hops going on the right,then keep sliding to get the last coin being off the wooden ramp,then trick on it.

    A late MT release is better than an early one. Don't forget

    The NISC part

    Now we have something a little more timingbased compared to the other tracks : a NISC where you have to do a neutral pad to go further and to do not get the drift cancelled.How ?

    Then go on the left,and release MT as early as you can.

    Then,you do a neutral hop,and barely touch your pad at the start of the next drift,otherwise your drift will be cancelled. To get the next MT,charge it by softdrifting.


    Ah man,that part is complete ass...
    First of all,the way you charge that SMT is completely different than any other SMT of the course. Never forget that.

    For the beginning,you will have to put your pad on the left,then go on the right,right there :

    But the thing is,this turn is so precise that after passing the grey/dark wall,you will have to leave your pad neutral,and only move it on the right again once you pick up the rupees. You might gain just .200 milliseconds by doing that.

    To get the low ramp,release the smt around there :

    Put your pad up ( when I mean up it's completely up ) for like a frame and then put it in the softdrift position,to get the low ramp.

    Lap2 and 3 differences

    Only thing different on lap2 and 3 from lap1 are the shroomspot and the plant.

    Shroomspot's pretty easy,all you have to do is pretty much just hopping on the right at the exit and just keep going by softdrifting.

    Now,the plant dodge

    It's pretty much the same way as lap1 to charge the mt and to do the nisc,but the thing is that you will have to go a little wider before the release. Here is the angle that you are going to aim for to dodge the plant
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