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How to get CTGP-7 on 10.3.0-28U/E/J with Browserhax

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Sarantis, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Sarantis


    Jul 20, 2015
    Greece, Attica, Athens
    Posted with permission from @Mence .


    What you'll need:
    - Mario Kart 7 Cartridge or Digital Mario Kart 7 (you won't be able to go online if your Mario Kart 7 was bought from December 2011-May 2012, make sure the game has the online patch already applied and your patch wasn't downloaded from eshop!)
    - SD Card/MicroSD if New 3DS (Recommend to have 4GB or higher)
    - MicroSD reader if New 3DS
    - Starter Kit & Ropbin: http://smealum.github.io/3ds/
    - Braindump: https://github.com/neobrain/braindump/releases
    - CTGP-7 (credits to Pablo and dshack team!): http://store.dshack.org/index.php?/f...cial-download/

    1. Once you've downloaded the files above, extract the starter kit to the root of your 3DS SD Card/MicroSD, this will create a "3ds" folder for your homebrew apps.
    2. Extract braindump onto the root of the "3ds" folder. (NOT THE NINTENDO 3DS FOLDER!)
    3. Go into your System Settings on your 3DS for your firmware and put in your current firmware on the website you downloaded your starter kit from. (i.e OLD 10.3.0-28U), then hit "Download Ropbin", place this file on the root of your SD card.
    4. If you already haven't, download CTGP-7 from the link above, extract it, however, do not extract it into your SD card!
    5. Inside the CTGP-7 folder, you will find a folder called "CTGP-7shortcut", open that and find your region files, copy the .XML and .SMDH files and paste these into the 3ds folder you extracted from the starter kit.
    6. Create a new folder called "hans" on the root of your SD Card, this will be for later.


    Now, you are ready to open up Homebrew!


    1. Turn on your 3DS and activate your camera by pressing L+R on your home menu.
    2. Click on the QR code button on the bottom screen, it should look like a checker-like square.
    3. Scan the QR Code here: http://yls8.mtheall.com/3dsbrowserhax.php
    4.(FOR NEW 3DS) Turn on your 3DS and open your internet browser, make sure to clear your history/cookies, and type inhttp://yls8.mtheall.com/browserhax_fright_tx3g.php
    5. This will load the exploit to the Homebrew Launcher, if you get a yellow screen, don't worry, just turn off your 3DS and try again!
    6. Make sure your Mario Kart 7 is in your 3DS (unless it's digital), open braindump in the Homebrew Launcher and open Mario Kart 7, this will take some time to dump.
    7. Once your Mario Kart 7 has been dumped, put your SD card back into your computer and you will see it generated a folder on the root of your SD card with "0004000000030800" or along the line of those numbers, open that and you will see a file called "romfs.bin", copy this file over to the CTGP-7 folder you downloaded.
    8. Open "Build CTGP-7" and type in "romfs.bin". It will then start building your CTGP file.
    9. Once it finishes building, you should get a file called "CTGP-7.romfs", rename this to the value of your region:

    JPN: 00030600.romfs
    EUR: 00030700.romfs
    USA: 00030800.romfs

    10. Once you renamed it to your region, place this file into the hans folder that you created on the root of your SD card.
    11. Put your SD card back in your 3DS and reload Homebrew Launcher.
    12. Open up the app called "Hans" and run Mario Kart 7.
    13. A black screen should pop up with Region, Language, FW Version Spoof, 3DS/N3DS Clock, Code --> SD, Romfs --> SD, and Save Configuration.
    14. Enter in your region and language (incorrect information may result in a crash), set "no" for FW Version Spoof, Code --> SD set to "no", Romfs --> SD set to "yes", and Save Configuration set to "no" (not sure if yes makes a difference).
    15. Hit "OK" and it should load CTGP-7!

    Also, if you don't want to keep typing in the URL/scanning the QR Code every time just to play CTGP-7, open up Homebrew and open up the app "Menuhax" and install it, whenever you turn your 3DS on, immediately hold L and it will load Homebrew for you.

    I hope this tutorial helps. I take no credit, all credit goes to the creators that made Homebrew and CTGP-7 possible, only sharing on how to do this so more people can play and appreciate their work! Make sure not to update your 3DS past 10.3.0-28U/E/J or else this may no longer work for you. Enjoy!
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2016
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