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General Update - Visual Improvements, Flags, etc.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Stunky, Sep 30, 2017.

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    Hey there everyone, Stunky here, making an announcement to basically update all of you on what's been happening recently on the site, what all these "aesthetic updates" are that you may have seen in the notices, and just generally what improvements we've made.

    Recent Changes to Roles:
    For those who haven't been on for some time, the Media Team role was removed as of 2 or so weeks ago. This was in accordance to the "split" that has been happening for some time now, and was finalised with the forming of "Wiimmfi Media".

    Members of these split media teams will soon likely have "invisible roles", so basically a permission set where they can still moderate their respective sections and access the Media Staff areas, however for now it appears as if the pink name and banner are being retired.

    Some members may have also noticed that some other roles such as that of "7L Staff" have been removed from most - this is in accordance to the current state of uncertainty and possible change of format, however currently we will keep their role and colour reserved in case their return does occur within the short term.

    Recent Changes to Themes:
    Following feedback from the start of the year, I have took the time to get some higher definition graphics for the following themes:

    "Light" themes:
    - Mushroom Gorge
    - DK's Jungle Parkway
    - Maple Treeway
    - Yoshi Falls
    - Toad's Factory
    - Coconut Mall
    - DK Summit

    "Dark" themes:
    - Ghost Valley 2
    - Moonview Highway

    These changes are currently quite minimal, being just that we have been able to obtain some high resolution images of the game, however based upon the feedback we receive from these we may take further action (whether it's to change a themes' background image, change colour schemes, delete a theme to make room for another course, etc.), so please feel free to give feedback and see what we can do to improve the aesthetic appeal of the site.

    Recent Changes to Flag Sets:
    Based upon significant amounts of requests, the site had been looking in to changing up the flag set as the set by Leon was slowly needing updates and other graphic designers had begun creating their own flag sets. Upon a conversation within a thread earlier today, I am happy to announce that the flag set in production by @Dartanian is the one we will be using from this point, and they have already been placed in.

    Most flags in the old pack will have been included in Dartanian's pack, however we are aware that a few are missing as the set is still in development. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to talk to site staff or the designer himself to see if a flag can be made.

    We hope for minimal issue in this transition, however some users may experience a bug where their flags are originally not aligned with the text. The current advice is just to simply place the flags back in to the posts, as it should resolve the issue in most cases. We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience this initial transition period may have on users, however obviously once the small issues are resolved, we should hopefully have a much more suitable set of flags.

    Other Notes:
    - For those who missed it, Beto made an app to showcase league results. Currently only available for Android, we intend to look in to making the iOS version as soon as possible. The thread for that announcement is here.
    - We've recently had a poll asking whether or not we should have a completely fresh install of Xenforo (the forum software). To find out more and see the results, please click here.
    - I was asked by a few to mention that the "Support MKBoards" feature (to get Supporter) is fully functional. I believe some may have thought that it still had the bugs that caused us to temporarily remove it earlier in the year, but I can confirm that it's been fixed for some time, yet apparently wasn't mentioned in a prior announcement.
    - If you have any further suggestions or feedback, please feel free to submit them in this section, post them in this thread (if relevant), or contact members of staff. As people can hopefully see, we're making significant improvements around the site, and we plan to continue doing so based off of the feedback and suggestions we receive.

    I believe that's all we've had happen recently that's in need of being mentioned here. If you have any issues feel free to let the site staff know, but other than that, thank you for reading, we hope that the updates and changes are able to help improve the site where possible.
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