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[GBA] Mario Circuit

Discussion in 'Shell Cup' started by Domenico, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Domenico


    Jun 1, 2014

    Hello all, I'm going to give an help for this track, which is really funny for me.
    First of all, I have to say a few important things. This track seems easy, and it is. But to get a good time you won't need simple knowledge of its parts. You will need a lot of work and patience because this track requires a lot of precision. You will learn it playing the track seriously with time. The key is going as tight as possible.​
    Last update: 08/04/2015.
    Best combo: Bowser/Wario/Morton/Heavy Mii | Mach 8 | Slicks/Cyber slicks | Accel glider.

    Said this, let's start with lap 1!

    - After the "Go!", start drifting to the left to charge your SMT. While charging the SMT you have to put your pad on the right until you are close to the turn. Once you are close to the turn you have to softdrift to the left to try and get the SMT as soon as possible. This is really important for the next turn's SMT.
    After releasing your SMT softdrift to the right without hesitating and try to take your coins going as tight as possible. Release this charged SMT as soon as possible and do seven hops (left - left - right - left - right - left), and with the last hop you need to softdrift landing on the zipper-ramp on the right. Try to not get a low ramp here. It is slower. You should touch the zipper-ramp on its middle-area.


    After landing on the anti-gravity part release your MT as soon as possible and do a left hop then two left slides. After you've done them drift keeping the pad neutral and try to hit the coin with your back tire. You should pull in tight to the left with one tire on the dirt after this. Release the SMT before the zipper trying to do two hops (right - left), then hit the zipper and do other two hops (right - left). Wait a little bit after doing all four hops. Finally, do a right hop trying to land in the center of the wooden ramp.

    After anti-gravity
    If you land correctly here you will get a boost + low jump, which is .050 faster I can say. When you trick, keep the pad on its lower left area. When you land, try to go as tight as possible, and remember that your right tire can stay out of the track.
    Then there is a timing that you will need to memorize to use this SMT. Release it and do two left hops then take the three coins. Take the first one going wide, then take the second one with the center of the kart and take the third going as tight as possible so you can get a really good turn. Release the SMT and do five hops (right - right - left - right - left), then start doing slides to take the two coins to the right (right - left - right). After these slides, start drifting to the left taking the two coins, then after taking them pull wide to the right.

    Use your shroom as you touch that lane marking.
    On the dirt you can move your pad consecutively to the right and to the left. This will help you get the SMT. Release this charged SMT right when you exit from the dirt and do five hops (right - right - left - right - left) then start do slides (right-left-right-left).

    What is different on lap 2/3:
    Due to coins, there are some differences between lap 2/3 and lap 1. The first difference is at first turn. After releasing the SMT, do three right hops trying to go as tight as possible. Here there isn't an exact timing that I can explain, but you will learn after some tries. After those three hops, charge an MT and release it doing a left hop, then four neutral hops, and a 5th on the left then softdrift for the MT, using same tips as I said on lap 1.
    The next difference is at the 5th turn where there were 3 coins you had to collect lap 1. This turn is done with the same hop pattern of hops done on lap 1 except you just need to release your SMT earlier to go tighter. Do three slides after those SMT hops (right - left - right) and then start drifting for the SC.

    This track has gotten really shorts improvements, go look how this track changed between months:
    http://mkwrs.com/mk8/display.php?track=GBA Mario Circuit

    For understand better everything I wrote you need to look at the current WR(s), 1:22.420, done by me and Diogo (yes, we tied).

    You will see that Diogo added the hops at start of lap 1 and an hop before the second "three-coin part". Well, those are faster by some milliseconds, but really hard for angle and lines, expecially the second one, which is even hard for Diogo.

    Lap 1 28.842 showing my hand!

    Feel free to ask me about every thing, I'll reply to your asks with the help of Diogo!​
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
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  2. Zinthos


    • Founding Member
    Jun 20, 2013
    San Diego
    Can someone update this with the new NISC strat?

    Keep the old strat though, since it could be useful online.
  3. MK8 William

    MK8 William Banned ;_;

    • Banned
    Oct 22, 2017
    Thanks! I've been wanting to get a time better than Groggy's here. Thanks for helping me. I'll do what you say in this improvement tutorial.

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