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Fix - mkb connection issues

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by BetoMan, Jun 5, 2018.

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    Recently some people weren't able to load mkboards. I've made some changes server side and if you have the issue this fix should be enough:

    1. on windows do start -> type cmd -> press enter
    2. type ping mkboards.com and press enter
    3. type tracert mkboards.com and press enter
    Now you should be able to load mkb. If you're rich and you have a macbook then do the following:

    1. open the utility network
    2. go on ping and type mkboards.com
    3. go on Traceroute and type mkboards.com
    4. click trace
    On linux use the classic tracepath.

    This stuff finds the path that your packets follow from your computer to the server where mkb is hosted, if you see that the command doesn't have success try to look https://www.corenetworkz.com/2009/05/destination-host-unreachable-reason-and.html for example or google "ping command fail".

    There are no problems server side because I've made some checks with the host provider (just in case). Anyway the ping problem marks that there is a problem in your connection settings so the fix is up to you. If you have any doubt pm me
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