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Final Post of division 9

Discussion in 'Division 9: Blue Shell' started by Cac, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Cac


    Jun 15, 2014
    Final Emblem
    Well, I need to tell some things about this season as admin. First of all I have to say that It was a great season as admin and I need to congratulate all teams for the fair play.

    I need to congratulate Inflow for winning this division. You are now the Blue Shell king. Personally, i think that you are a great team. Good luck in the next season.

    Also Hardcore Noobs did a great job and I hope to see you the next season in division 8. I hope you used this season to improve your level and get more successes. In my opinion, you are a good team yeah.

    Teams like GG2, Mandarina and Atenea did a good job in my opinion and I would like to see you in the next season because all of them were active.

    As and admin, I won't continue as an staff member at this moment. However, if you need something from, feel free to dm. Anyway, who knows if i come back in the future.

    I'm glad to be your admin this season and see ya the next.

    Good luck all teams in the future.
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