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CT WL Team Texture Awards

Discussion in 'WL ~ Wiimmfi League' started by MEGAKart69, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. MEGAKart69


    • MKBoards Supporter
    • Founding Member
    Mar 8, 2014
    Final Stand
    So, this thread will try to explain everything you need to know about the texture reward, if not, feel free to shoot me a question below.

    Along with banner rewards for CT Division champions, they will have the option to recieve a customised texture of one character and two vehicles for said character. So for example: Rosalina with Flame Runner and Flame Flyer. you could also select say two Flame Runners with different designs as the two vehicles.

    The MVPs from each division gets to choose one character and one vehicle, if the MVP is in the winning team for that season, they can use their brain power and combine the rewards so their team gets 2 characters with one vehicle and the MVP gets one of those characters with a vehicle. If someone does not wish to claim their MVP reward, you can pass it on to 2nd place by telling me.

    Textures are NOT assumed from anything at all, you contact me on Discord or Skype with what it is you want, a template is down below for an example, if the result does not satisfy you, you can have the texture redone but can't switch to a different vehicle.

    Anyone thinking 'but what if Final Stand wins Division 1?', under that circumstance, the team that places 2nd will be given the reward, if they wish to have it. 'So Mega, why not for Regular track teams?' simple, textures are not allowed in Regular track WL matches and so doesn't really seem like an appropriate reward.

    These textures will be done to a high end standard, an example will be spoilered below this sentence.


    Color one:
    Color two:
    Color three:
    Color four:

    Color one is the main color, two is the secondary and so on. It is recommended to use atleast two colors, also dont just think it has to be solid colors, if you go to google and search e.g. 'Black and red pattern' you might find some cool stuff.

    Logo one:
    Logo two:

    These will go on things like funky's back and the vehicles image location (such as the daisy on daisy's vehicles) if you wish to use them in said locations.

    For characters, be specific. Like this;

    Character: Funky Kong
    Shades: Green
    Bandana: Green with black spots
    Shirt: Black
    Logo on the back of his shirt: Neon green (note, logo's must be symmetrical)
    Shorts: Dark green
    Fur color: Normal

    The same goes for vehicles;

    Vehicle: Flame Runner
    Wind shield: Black
    Logo: Neon green
    Wheels: Add a slight touch of green to the rubber
    Exhaust pipes: Very very dark green
    Seat: mainly solid black with green outlines
    Spikes on the wheels: Neon green
    Spikes on back of seat: Black
    Flame runner eye: Use the eye from the bullet bill
    Flame runner nose: Solid black with green nostrils
    Wheel covers: Dark green
    Flame runner teeth: Remove teeth, use an electric design and add our clan logo on that area

    You can send images for specific things such as the lightning you'd like to see on the teeth area if this example was a real request.

    Hope this helped you understand the concept behind this, good luck to all teams that play WL.

    Incase you lose the file, I will have a back up, just ask for it again if you lose it.

    Pending rewards

    Teams and players with rewards that are ready to claim will be listed below

    WollyWogz - Division 2 1st place
    Deadline: Waved, request was sent but not completed

    Beckett - Division 3 MVP, passed down by Luna
    Deadline: Waved, request was sent but not completed

    GROS - Division 2 2nd place, reward can't be given to FL
    Deadline: Waved, request was sent but not completed, there is also a minor problem with the request

    Discord: MEGAKart69#1828
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  2. MEGAKart69


    • MKBoards Supporter
    • Founding Member
    Mar 8, 2014
    Final Stand
    Rewards showcase, here you can view previously claimed rewards.

    Season 11

    Myth - Division 1 MVP reward.

    Niko - Division 2 MVP reward, passed down by Azmact and Fox

    Season 10

    Yowndrift - Division 1 Champion reward

    Daisy - Mach bike

    Battle Cry - Division 3 Champion reward

    Daisy - Mach bike

    Daisy - Wild wing

    Xander - Division 1 MVP reward

    Shane - Division 2 MVP reward

    Spade - Division 3 MVP reward

    Season 9

    Ruby - Division 2 MVP reward

    Flow - Division 2 Champion reward



    Season 8

    Proto - Division 1 MVP reward

    Extream - Division 2 MVP reward

    Yowndrift - Division 1 Champion reward

    Funky - Flame runner

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
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  3. monyz


    Jun 23, 2016
    Is this still a thing?
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