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Brief Advanced Information On MK8

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trifroze, May 29, 2014.

  1. Trifroze

    Trifroze Tri me

    Jun 13, 2013
    I've now had the game (and played it) for a full day and here's some things I've picked up and tested so far:


    Based on testing in multiplayer mode by myself, the items you get seem to depend on the distance between you and the player in 1st place. Whenever I would finish the race with one player, the rest, no matter what their position, distance to each other, amount of coins they had or area on the track, they kept getting only Bullets, Goldens, Triple Shrooms and Stars. The lap count also seems to clearly affect the quality of items you'll get on any given spot aside from maybe 1st.

    I have also confirmed two Bullets at once is possible, and used them with the characters being next to each other. They sorta cling together and crash a bit, then end at the same time. What happened in this particular scenario was that the other player ended up getting a draft straight out of a Bullet and both got a spin boost due to being on antigravity area when the Bullets ran out. I may upload a video of something like this later on.

    Horn and Shroom are indeed possible in 1st place, and semi-rare. Blue Shell can be destroyed with the former and dodged with the latter, and the Horn can also destroy Blue Shell when it's on its way to the person in 1st place.

    Power item durations are as follows:
    Gold Shroom: 8 seconds
    Star: 8 seconds
    Bullet Bill: 8+ seconds depending on where it is (turns and such), had one of them last for about 12 seconds when I timed it so that 8 seconds would fulfill in the middle of one of the longest turns in the game on N64 RR.

    All of these are more than double checked, although might be off by half a second but I doubt it.

    Frontrunning vs. Sandbagging

    Shock effect duration has been cut by maybe 25-30% and Blue Shell hitstun is about the same as a Red Shell. Usually there's one Blue Shell per race and less than one Shock per race which means they're pretty rare now, especially the shock. Star and Shrooms got nerfed considerably speed-wise, and there aren't many offroad areas on most tracks now.

    The coin item seems to be the most common for 1st place which will leave them vulnerable for Red Shells which have been massively buffed, however I predict most people will not be shooting their reds at 1st place too much because they themselves are scared of the items that they could get hit by afterwards. I see this game having a large focus on frontrunning with a dominant defensive playstyle among top spots.

    Karts vs. Bikes

    Simply put, karts seem considerably better right now. There aren't many turns in the game where you benefit from an inwards drift, and outwards drift bikes are just karts with less speed. They also control a lot different to MKW, starting outward and then strongly moving inward.

    Importance of Speed

    After several Time Trial attempts using the same vehicle combos with lights and heavies on various tracks, I've come to the conclusion that on average, lightweights (lightest and slowest of them) finish an itemless race at the ratio of approximately 1.5 seconds per minute slower than heavyweights (heaviest and fastest of them). This means that a difference of 0.5 speed aka the difference that separates every weight sub-class aside from metalweights equals about 0.3-0.4 seconds lost per minute, again, not on pure straights but in all-around driving on an average track.

    Test done on: Rainbow Road, N64 Rainbow Road, Bowser's Castle, N64 Royal Raceway, N64 Yoshi Valley

    This makes me predict that either upper medium and lowest heavy classes will be ideal for online racing, whereas in TT you should generally always go with the heaviest for the speed bonus. This is because online has items which means you'll need acceleration at least a couple times per race, often more at least in the current metagame (although it's pretty early to speak of metagame before the official release) and weight matters a lot less now than it did in MKW for example. Like, a lot less. And there's generally no more bouncing which used to make lightweights horrible on some tracks.

    Other Things

    Handling the heavyweights may be annoying on some tracks with steep turns such as the new RR, but Nintendo implemented a thing that should help you with this. If you brake during a drift, you will lose a bit of your drift speed but also turn much tighter. Most of the time the button just needs to be tapped once or twice to get the desired effect. This means heavies don't have to take turns wide in any scenario, but rather they can keep going tight at the cost of a little bit of speed. However, lightweights still take corners more efficiently because they don't have to slow down during their drifts. The point of this is that in some scenarios heavies can voluntarily sacrifice speed for handling in tough turns.

    Lakitu has got a buff, aka I don't think there will be many heavy exploits or original shortcuts this time around, although people have already figured out at least a couple neat unintentional shortcuts; the new RR has a split path switch thing and Mount Wario has a sort of an extension of an intended shortcut where you jump over a gap.

    There's a bit more depth in the driving mechanics themselves now, adjusting drift inside or outside seems to affect your speed more than what we're used to. How it really happens I can't say yet, but drifting really tight seems to make you go slower than drifting normally or outwards.

    Regarding snaking, most of the time driving straight seems to be the better option because miniturbos take a bit longer time to charge now and the boost is less rewarding as well.

    Impression after 24 hours of playing

    The game seems very good with a lot of potential, but it is very different from MKW and probably more similar to MK7. There's enough depth to make it interesting but I don't think it'll reach MKW's level with all the small techs and glitches being found on various tracks, however the driving mechanics themselves seem to have a bit more depth and there's a lot better balance between weight classes now. I also like the fact bagging will probably be half useless now and we don't have to make a million rules regarding it when this game gets serious.

    One more day to go for most of you. You'll be buying a very polished game, in some regards maybe even a bit too polished, but in my opinion it's been worth the wait.

    I'll be adding stuff here if I come up with anything new and maybe fix typos and unclear things, wrote this in about 15 mins. l8r

    Edit log 1: Bullet Bill: 8+ seconds depending on where it is (turns and such), had one of them last for about 12 seconds when I timed it so that 8 seconds would fulfill in the middle of one of the longest turns in the game on N64 RR.

    Edit log 2: Quality of items received from box depends on the lap count as well.
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  2. Crrrrrrr


    Jun 14, 2013
    New York
    Good info. I'm glad to hear that lightweight bouncing is gone and that speed isn't such a deal breaker anymore at least for now.
  3. Noah


    Dec 29, 2013
    Maybe the acceleration stat (If that's what effects mini-turbos. Never was for sure) will be a more reliable option than speed.
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