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Articles Section - Information & Guidelines

Discussion in 'Articles' started by flc, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. flc

    flc Professional Site Breaker

    Jun 13, 2013
    Welcome to the Articles section. Within, you will (hopefully) find insightful articles on just about anything Mario Kart related, written by our members.

    Articles published here will eventually end up on the front page of our website (once it's ready), so I'm wanting at least some professionalism here.

    There are, naturally, rules to go along with this.
    • Threads require approval, and we have very strict approval rules.
    • Content must be of a reasonable standard (spelling, grammar, and so on).
    • Content must not defame or attack other people. Ever. Like, seriously, it's instant rejection if it does.
    • Content must be related to Mario Kart in at least some concrete manner.

    So, pretty basic, right?

    Let's go over some good writing practice.
    • Be interesting. If you can't be interesting, be funny. If you can't be either, you probably didn't pick a good subject to write about.
    • Article length should be below 2500 words and encourage discussion. If you are intending on writing more than 2500 words, consider breaking your article into smaller chunks and publishing them here over a period of time.
    • Substantiate. Support your claims with evidence, and support your jokes with anecdote.
    • Get to the point.
    • While swearing is fine for effect, please use it as little as possible. More than a couple times per article, and we've got a problem.
    • Don't justify alignment, it looks like shit.

    I'm hoping that we can get some good discussions out of this section, or, failing that, some arguments suitable for the Farewell Mario Kart 8 thread in six years' time.

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