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  1. MKBoards Light
  2. Light (Cloudtop Cruise) Wii U Cloudtop Cruise Light Theme
  3. Light (Cheep Cheep Beach) DS Cheep Cheep Beach Light Theme
  4. Light (Cheese Land) GBA Cheese Land Light Theme
  5. Light (Koopa Cape) Wii Koopa Cape Light Theme
  6. Light (GCN Yoshi Circuit) GCN Yoshi Circuit Light Theme
  7. Light (Mushroom Gorge) Wii Mushroom Gorge Light Theme
  8. Light (Rock Rock Mountain) 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Light Theme
  9. Light (DK's Jungle Parkway) N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Light Theme
  10. Light (Maple Treeway) Wii Maple Treeway Light Theme
  11. Light (Yoshi Falls) DS Yoshi Falls Light Theme
  12. Light (Toad's Factory) Wii Toad's Factory Light Theme
  13. Light (Mount Wario) Wii U Mount Wario Light Theme
  14. Light (Coconut Mall) Wii Coconut Mall Light Theme
  15. Light (Dino Dino Jungle) GCN Dino Dino Jungle Light Theme
  16. Light (DK Summit) Wii DK Summit Light Theme
  17. Light (Dolphin Shoals) Wii U Dolphin Shoals Light Theme
  18. Light (Royal Raceway) N64 Royal Raceway Light Theme
  19. Light (Moo Moo Meadows) Wii Moo Moo Meadows Light Theme
  20. Light (Wario Stadium) DS Wario Stadium Light Theme
  21. MKBoards Dark
  22. Dark (Animal Crossing Autumn) Wii U Animal Crossing Autumn Dark Theme
  23. Dark (Animal Crossing Winter) Wii U Animal Crossing Winter Dark Theme
  24. Dark (GCN Sherbet Land) GCN Sherbet Land Dark Theme
  25. Dark (Neo Bowser City) Wii U Neo Bowser City Dark Theme
  26. Dark (Bowser's Castle) Wii U Bowser's Castle Dark Theme
  27. Dark (Music Park) 3DS Music Park Dark Theme
  28. Dark (Mario Kart Stadium) Wii U Mario Kart Stadium Dark Theme
  29. Dark (Bowser's Castle) N64 Bowser's Castle Dark Theme
  30. Dark (Ghost Valley 2) SNES Ghost Valley 2 Dark Theme
  31. Dark (Moonview Highway) Wii Moonview Highway Dark Theme
  32. Dark (Bowser's Castle) Wii Bowser's Castle Dark Theme
  33. Dark (Rosalina's Ice World) 3DS Rosalina's Ice World Dark Theme
  34. Dark (Waluigi Stadium) GCN Waluigi Stadium Dark Theme
  35. Dark (Rainbow Road) Wii U Rainbow Road Dark THeme
  36. Dark (Shy Guy Bazaar) 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar Dark Theme
  37. Dark (Wario Shipyard) 3DS Wario Shipyard Dark Theme
  38. Dark (N64 Rainbow Road) N64 Rainbow Road Dark Theme
  39. Dark (SNES Rainbow Road) MK8 SNES Rainbow Road Dark Theme
  40. Dark (Twisted Mansion) Wii U Twisted Mansion Dark Theme
  41. Dark (Wild Woods) Wii U Wild Woods Dark Theme
  42. MKBoards Plain Dark
  43. MKBoards Plain Light
  44. MKBoards Night Non-MK Related Dark Theme