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New WL Staff Applications for Season 9 are now open!

Discussion in 'Help, Information, & News' started by Stunky, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Stunky

    Stunky Tom | Stunky Staff Member WL Staff World Cup Staff

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Wiimmfi FC:
    Hello there, hope you all had a great holidays and New Year’s Celebrations set, but now we as the league have to get back to work.

    Given that we’re in the off-season of the Wiimmfi League currently we are looking towards recruiting some more staff. As you may have seen, there have recently been removals for some of the Season 8 staff of whom were believed to have caused any form of issue, and whereas we do thank them for their service, we must now be looking towards replacing them and giving more people the chance to be able to become staff of the Wiimmfi League.

    It’s important to mention at this point, prior to listing rough numbers required for each role, that the Data Clerks and Division Administrators have been merged in a plan aimed at improving the league’s staff system further, giving this newly formed role a chance to let people have more of a say and more to do in the league, even for a role that for some seasons now could have been seen as potentially repetitive. We hope that this merge improves the quality of work and the motivation the work can give.

    Manager elections will also be happening within the staff team soon, so please keep your eyes open over the next weekend for both the list of newly elected managers, the final decision for Caster’s Picks winners (if a stream cannot be done) and further actions that we as a league would like to put forward in order to improve both the league, and the community surrounding it.

    Anyway, let’s get to the part that might interest people further, the list of roles and what they’re looking for…

    We would recommend and request that all applicants read the guidelines (located here) prior to applying, so as they understand the actual responsibilities and the requirements for the roles they are applying for.

    The following are a list of roles who have specified they definitely need recruits.
    Division Admin/Data Clerk (Merged Role) - 5/6 Staff Required
    The newly merged role will be requiring 5/6 staff who have some ability to use Excel or alternatives (LibreOffice, a free alternative, can be found at https://www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-fresh/ ), although ability to perform edits to the specific tables can be taught.

    GFX Artists - 1-3 Staff Required
    The Graphics Designers will be looking for more people to be able to come up with concepts and ideas to use in the future, along with being able to do all the rather obvious work during the season. They will require demonstrations of your work within your application.

    The following are a list of roles who haven’t specified a significant need for more members, however may be interested in taking applicants depending on what happens, and if they do in the end feel a need for more staff.
    Regular Track and Custom Track Councils
    The RT and CT councils are currently happy with the number of staff they have, although they may decide to bring in more staff if they see any really good applicants.

    Registration Admins
    Given the recent additions of 2 staff over the Christmas period, the RAs currently haven’t felt the need to express the want for staff.

    Other Info
    Applying for the above roles in no way means that there’s a 0% chance of anyone getting a role, however it does mean that there is no promise we will be bringing people in for those roles. At the same time, applying for roles that definitely need recruits in no way guarantees that you will be selected, nor does it guarantee that the number of staff required will remain the same once coming to selecting applicants, depending on if any internal recruitment through multi-roles occurs.

    One personal recommendation would be to apply for General if you have read the guidelines for staff (located here) and discovered that you may be interested in either taking multiple roles on, or being considered for more than one role. This would especially help if you’re interested in becoming a member of the CT Council, for example, but upon seeing that they may not recruit you’ve done research and discovered that Data Clerk could also suit you, since it allows you to cover more bases, and it allows us to have more of an option if we do discover a need to recruit in roles that currently claim not to need people.

    The deadline for applications is yet to be completely finalised, however we hope to be bringing people in as soon as possible, so please get your applications in within a short time frame given that some roles may bring in applicants even prior to the deadline. The rough deadline would be the same as for team confirmations, so Friday, 13th January at 11:59pm EST, but again apply early in case some groups bring in staff before then.

    Good luck, if you have any questions feel free to either tag us in this section, post a message on our Discord’s #wl-helpdesk Text Channel, or send a message to our staff either on Discord or through this website (given that Skype is becoming less and less used by some staff).
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