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[WIP] Thwomp Ruins

Discussion in 'Mushroom Cup' started by Jordan, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Jordan


    Jun 24, 2014

    [MUST BE ADDED: Lap 1 Wall Fire Hop Strat, drift ramp after the glider]
    -SuperFX 3/1/17
    MK8 Thwomp Ruins Time Trial Guide

    Thwomp Ruins is my personal favorite track in MK8. However, it is extremely technical, making it somewhat intimidating for newer players or just anyone who wants to get a fast time.

    • Super Heavy-weight
    • Mach 8 (Blue Falcon for wheel/dpad)
    • Slicks/Cyber Slicks
    • Heavy Glider

    Lap 1:
    Beginning through first wall smt: I personally like to do two slides after the starting boost to align myself for the shroom cut. Then when I start my drift, I just do a little tap in the top left corner of my pad both to charge the mt and for alignment.
    Try to stay as tight as possible in the shroom without hitting the statues or the ramp. Release the first mt around here:
    Release the second mt when you are around this angle:
    then demon slide left, right, left, right, left, right, left, left, while aligning for the next turn, and then start a drift.
    Remember to leave the pad neutral in the next drift for as long as possible until you go a little tighter when grabbing the coins, and then after the coins, hold right. Right when you hit the blue strip, go back to neutral for a split second, and then after you hit the blue antigravity strip, put your pad on the right so that you get the coins. Hit the wall at a very specific place, I wanna say about halfway between the boost pad and the boost ramp. When you go over the ramp back onto the normal road, release the smt right before you hit the ground and time it so that you hop at the normal timing that you would when releasing a normal smt.
    The first wall smt is very annoying and random and I can lose or gain up to .2 on it.

    Lap 1 wallride: After that smt release, hop left, right, left, right, etc until the boost runs out and then do 3 quick demon slides, left, right, left, and that should get you to the first wallride. Soft drift to the right before putting your pad on the left to avoid hitting the wall and getting the perfect angle for the perfect wallride.
    Soft drift into the wall and try to hit the wall right where the boost pad touches the wall.

    When you release the smt, make sure it is at the exact moment when you touch the ground, and not too early or else you will fly into the water or get a bad angle and lose time. Depending on your angle, you may have to do one of two hop patterns: left, left, right, left, right; or left, left, right, right, left, and then do 3 demon slides, left, right, left. However, the first pattern is a little faster, so only use the second one if you think you might go too tight and hit the wall.

    Both of these pics are taken right after the first two left hops. Next, you will have to decide which hop strat to use based on your angle. The first hop strat is used when you have a wider angle that is less perpendicular to the wall. The second, use when you are closer to the wall or if your angle is more perpendicular to the wall. (Hopefully these images actually look different enough where you can actually tell the difference and I'm not just blabbing on about nothing).

    Entering the antigravity: Next, trick off the blue ramp and hop right, and then do 1 slide left before soft drifting left to grab 3 coins. You don’t actually have to do a perfect soft drift here, in fact it is better not to. Go a little tighter than you normally would so that you distance yourself from the little gap.
    This next part is something that I do that I don't think anyone else realizes, and it makes my lap 1s a lot more consistent and fast (unless you use wheel chet :p). Right before you release the smt, put your pad on the right for just a split second because it gives a much better angle and you can get the perfect gap jump consistently. It is pretty easy to get used to doing and just this tech alone makes the track a lot more enjoyable for me, because before, that turn was pretty much 100% RNG unless you wanted to play it safe and go around the gap.

    Finishing the lap: For the next turn, it is pretty self-explanatory. Just align yourself a little wide so that you can have a good angle to do the little ramp cut. Release the smt right after you leave the ground. The split second before you release the smt, however, leave the pad neutral because it gets you a better, tighter angle going off the glider, but don't go too tight on lap 1 or else you will miss the coin.

    Hop left the very first frame you land on the ramp, and then hop right as soon as you land from the trick. After tricking off the glider, align for the next coin on the glider ramp. You want to hit the very bottom of the ramp and trick as early as possible to get a low glider trick, which if done right can save up to .080. If you point a little to the right a split second after you hit the ramp, it will align for the next lap automatically.

    Laps 2 and 3:
    The beginning through the first temple: Do 1 left slide before drifting into the cut. Release the first mt a bit earlier than lap 1.
    Slide in the same pattern as lap 1 except make the slides not so drawn out and do them a little quicker because you have to drift earlier. When you drift on the third turn, neutral at first, and then soft drift so that your kart goes over the edge just a little, but not too much or else you will hit some sort of invisible thing at the end which loses .3.
    Then put your pad on the right to align yourself for the hops to continue up on the next straightaway. You should have soft drifted just enough where the smt comes out right before you want to use it. Release it at the exact right time where your hops will take you as close as possible to the wall without hitting it.
    After releasing it, soft hop (hop but don't put the pad all the way to one side) right, right, left, left, right, and then demon slide 5 times, left, right, left, right, left. Make sure these slides are very quick and align yourself to enter the wallride at a tight angle.

    Lap 2 wallride: When you hop to start the next drift, most of it is the same as lap 1 except if you timed the slides right, you should get a little air from the hop, which is good and allows for a greater chance of not failing the wall smt.
    Use the same two hop patterns as said before, except this time it is even more important to use the first one if you can (left, left, right, left, right), because the other one is slower, and also sets up a really hard angle for the next turn. After your 3 demon slides, trick off the ramp and do one slide to the right before the drift. This slide should bring your kart parallel to the wall, no more because you will go too wide, and no less because you will miss the smt on the next turn.

    Lap 2 temple: On this next turn, soft drift in the top left corner and if necessary, putting your pad either neutral or on the right for a moment to avoid hitting the wall. Go as tight as you can on that turn and when you are about to have charged the smt, put your pad on the right for a split second just before you release it, just like on lap 1.
    It is just as important to do on this lap as lap 1 because it makes doing 5 hops much easier. Try to do 5 hops before the drift, right, right, right, left, left, drifting at the last hop.
    However, if your angle is too close to the gap, then only do 4 before the drift, right, right, right, and then drift to the left.
    (NOTE: the 4 hops strat should be used if you think you will go over the edge of the road, so if you do 4 hops, you should drift over it. However, the 5 hops one is ~.1 faster, so use it when possible.)
    If you have used the first hop strat, there will be 3 places you want to soft drift, right when you start drifting, right when the track curves a little, and right at the end before you release the smt. Everywhere else, your pad should be all the way on the right. For the second hop pattern, it is basically the same as lap 1. Go as tight as possible on the ramp nisc and landing from it. If you see that you will land too close to the glider, it is ok to not hop before the glider, but instead slide when you land, but this is slower and hard to react for, so I only recommend using it if you have a really good run and can react to being too close to the glider. On lap 3, the only thing that is different is the rolling thing that comes down the temple on the third turn. If you are on a fast enough pace, make sure your angle isn’t too wide on that turn.

    The new strat: On laps 2 and 3 in the glider (not lap 1 because you need the 10th coin), go directly to the right of the middle of the ramp. Land your glider and do a ramp drift off of it. You may randomly get a low ramp here which saves a considerable amount of time, but you must be careful if you do get it to not miss the mt because it can be kind of difficult. Also, if you are landing without a drift that means you simply need to land your glider a tad earlier, although not too early. This strat without the random low ramp saves about .050 on lap 2 and .060 on lap 3 because of your slide momentum entering the lap. However, with the low ramp it can save about .150 on each lap.

    Current WR by Sgt. Guy

    Tips for wheel/dpad:
    Keep in mind I'm not an expert on the dpad at all but I did mess around with it a little bit and I can tell you what I learned. Mainly everything is the same except normal controller differences that you probably know better than I do, but the wallrides are very different. You want to aim for the middle of the wall at or even right before the boost pad. Then, continue softdrifting and hop as fast as possible when you hit the ground, but be careful if you get gigantic air for no reason.

    It can be helpful to know if the splits you are getting are any decent or not. I'd say that, for a beginner to the course, you should aim for around 38.2 lap 1 and 35.7 laps 2 and 3. However, if you aren't hitting these splits, don't give up! Keep playing if you are dedicated to learning the track, and even if you think it's hopeless, never give up until you are satisfied. If you are stuck, race my ghost and see where you lose the most time. You can ask why on this thread, and I will be happy to answer as best as I can. Remember, it is never random when you lose time (wheel being the exception of course.) Wherever you lose time, there is always a reason.

    I hope this guide was helpful for anyone who wants to learn the track or looking for ways to improve. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. However, the biggest thing I can stress is to watch the WR videos. Study them. Observe what they do differently from you. Observe what they do differently from past WRs. This is mainly how I get good at many tracks; just from watching the WR videos over and over. Good luck with your Thwomp Ruins Time Trials! Once again, I encourage you to ask questions if you have them, because this guide is probably really shitty and doesn't help anyone. :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 2, 2017
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  2. KasperMKW


    Jul 23, 2014
    New York, New York
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  3. Sergeant Guy

    Sergeant Guy

    Jun 3, 2015
    Bowser's Castle
    not svc
    D-pad differences:

    -At the beginning of the track, you want to do 5 slides: left right left left left, although only doing 4 is about the same
    -As Jordan mentionned, the wallrides are very different. On the 1st one lap 1, you will always get air on your first hop. Keep that in mind!
    -For the other 3 wallrides, you may or may not get a big bounce off the ground after releasing your smt: just hop as fast as you can and react to the air time.
    -For the cave smt lap 1, you must do 4 right hops then start drifting to the left
    -For the cave smt lap 2-3, you cannot do 5 hops like gpad does; do 4
    -On the new ramp mt strat, you want to stay close to the middle of the ramp: dpad's limited softdrift angle would otherwise most likely send you in the grass
  4. Lèzard


    Jun 14, 2014

    new strat ?????????

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