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Mario Kart Stadium

Discussion in 'Mushroom Cup' started by Nearo, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Nearo


    Aug 15, 2014
    High Definition

    Hello there again, it's time to try to explain as much as possible how the hell I drive Mario Kart Stadium which is the first course of the game ( and also bottom 3 courses for me with th and dDD ) as well as I can.
    First of all,I posted both of my " BKTs ". Why did I do that? Because both actually have different explanations,and Blue Falcon also gains time and makes each turn harder at the beginning,but easier near the end,because it has way less handling for us ( Non-wheelers ) which can help a lot to charge SMTs,especially the one found by Cole,a long time ago, a little bit after Brendiogo got his first MK8 WR.
    For now,I'll start off with Blue Falcon,because it's the most used kart nowadays,and you can gain also .200 milliseconds on antigrav per lap just by switching to it. That's what you can call " pay2win " ... haha


    First turn and shortcut

    First of all,you have,like every fucking course that doesn't start downhill, some hoptech to remember, which is right then left. Compared to Wild Wiggler,there is already something that differs,which is the fact that sliding actually matters at the start,for no actual reason. Wild Wiggler does not make a difference,but Blue Falcon can make you gain .100 milliseconds by sliding,just because that kart is truly tagged with " pay2win ". Goddamn. The slidetech after the hops does not really matter,but I would rather tell you to have as last slide a slide that goes on the left, to make the next smt easier to charge,and also be capable of doing enough hops before SC.

    To get this SMT,of course,you'll have to softdrift. For how long ? Almost the entire turn,even the very start of the drift,to charge it insanely quickly. The hoptech can't be changed after this smt sadly; it must be the one in the WR, which is left left right left right. Then you have the shroomspot,a part being a little tricky due to how much you have to go tight on lap1 because you have to aim for the coin in the middle. The best way is to start the drift by leaving your pad neutral, then you can start going completely on the right, delay your shroom aswell ( it is very very important, DO NOT shroom once you've reached the sc part,you will have to delay it only a bit ) and then go tight enough to get the coin at the middle. If you're too tight of course,you can put your pad on the left to go less tighter, but the timing is a bit tricky.

    Then again,you have another hoptech to do not forget,which is pretty much the same as the first turn,but it must be done with the boost of the shroom,to keep gaining time,and also get a better angle for the rest of the track. After doing those hops,you gotta slide again, because this game is not pretty kind with your hands. Here again,the slidetech doesn't really matter,outside of the very last slide.It must be a slide going on the left again, because it gives a better angle,makes you gain time aswell,and allows you to charge the next mt that must be charged only through softdrifting with a stronger boost.

    The MT hop must be a neutral hop. If you don't do a neutral hop,most of time,you'll end up going on offroad, or just not hop on the right place. The right place to hop is that thing on the road switching red and white, it makes you gain a lot of time at the next slidetech,and also, gives a better angle for the next smt.

    The next SMT is by far most people's problem. Why? It's hard as fuck to time it,or even get it,for people that don't softdrift well. That's also why you slide before doing that smt. It kinda works like a counterdrift, especially if the last 2 slides of your slidetech are left slides. Helps a lot.To get this smt of course, you will have to keep softdrifting during almost the entire turn,besides the moment where you will have to align yourself, and then,hop again,only 4 left hops, if you do more or less, your next turn will be pretty shitty somehow.

    The next turn is by far the easiest of the track. You can start it anywhere and how you want to, but the best way is to start it like a normal drift,and near the middle of it,softdrift. It gives a way stronger boost at the slides,which can help a lot to get a perfect high glider.

    How does every wr get an high glider? We hop,just a few pixels before reaching the glider, and it makes us go high as fuck. The timing is so tricky that even me i cant explain it. Only way to learn it is to race me,or watch my time with slowmotion (0.25).

    Then again you have to get some coins uh? Yeah,3 coins with bf, and sometimes if you use wild wiggler, 4. If you want to get 3 coins there lap1, it is a lot better to aim for the coins on the right,and aim for the top-left of this side, to have a perfect angle for the next turn+easier to charge smt. To get 3 coins, aim for at least the 2 ones that are in the middle-left but put your kart a little higher.

    The last turn is exactly the same as the previous turns,based on softdrifting and re-align yourself when needed,but there is a small difference with bf. Delaying your smt release is a lot faster. Like, .075 faster. Just because you're using pay2win. Mvp.

    Lap2 and 3 barely have any difference,besides the first hoptech changing on lap3 ( left left leftright(tf) right right ), tight turns being harder to get ( especially at sc. If you can't go tight with 5 hops, do 4) and go for the last 3 coins aswell. Nothing else differs,pretty much.

    My own personal advice : Don't TT MKS. Stay sane.:p
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2015
  2. Sergeant Guy

    Sergeant Guy

    Jun 3, 2015
    Bowser's Castle
    not svc
    D-pad differences:

    -Softing smts on this track can be hard!
    -Before the 1st smt of the anti gravity, you'll want to do 2-3 counter slides if you even want to have a chance at getting the smt
    -During the 4 hops to the left, if you are aligned to the right, you will get some air: to counter that, delay your hops very slightly in order to not slide
    -On the glider landing, you want to land with a counter drift to the right before drifting to the left

    Here is my run, the only dpad run on the top 10 and probably the only mks dpad run ever
  3. Light :)

    Light :)

    Oct 27, 2015
    None atm
    Need help with softdrifting on this track big time :/. I can do it other places, but not here for some reason...

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