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New General Reminders, Updates and News Prior to Season 11

Discussion in 'Help, Information, & News' started by Stunky, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Stunky

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Hey there, been a bit of time since people have seen one of my essays so I thought I'd make an announcement summarising some of the changes we're looking in to so far going in to Season 11, as well as making sure that you are all up to date on things that you may need to do in order to get your team considered for the next season of Wiimmfi League!

    State of Managers, new Managers etc.
    As some of you may know, at the end of every season I create an anonymous staff poll to see whether or not members of staff would like changes within the group. As you probably all know now, that has resulted in Jazz and Niko being the new RT Council Managers. Currently there are no CT Council Managers, however a lot of the changes have occurred as joint council efforts and so have been going smoothly so far.

    Team Confirmation Deadline
    The deadline for confirming your team for Season 11 is Monday 11th September at 11:59pm EDT. If you have yet to do that, please do so here and ensure that all your players are transferred/registered as soon as possible. Any teams that do not have the suitable amount of players in time for the deadline will not be considered, so please don't leave preparations to the last minute if it can be helped.

    Any problems with registrations can currently be sent to the Registration Admins, however (due to another update in this section) it will mainly be the responsibility of the councils during the season to be able to check all transfers, so please be aware of that.

    Deadline of Polls
    The deadline for polls is in only a few hours of this post being sent (11:59pm, Thursday 31st August). There have been a few reminders in the announcements section of the Discord Server (click here to join if not already done so), however if you've missed them and want to say your views on Playoffs and Transfers, now is your last chance.

    Click to go to the respective polls:
    - Playoffs Structure
    - Transfer Structure

    Removal of Minimum Divisions
    You're not reading the title of this section incorrectly, after a few seasons of the system, we have decided to (at least for now) abolish the Minimum Division system. It was originally a system required to prevent stacking due to councils not reviewing every single transfer (at the time the council seemed unable and/or inefficient at keeping up at times behind the scenes), however over the seasons we have found that the execution of updates, changes etc. haven't been great, and both the Regular Track and Custom Track Councils feel as if they deserve the chance to change the system, instead reviewing all transfers and player registrations from the point of seedings being posted. Depending on the outcome of the transfer structure poll this may not actually be needed (obviously if there are no transfers during the season, no transfers will need to be reviewed) but it's definitely important to note that as of very soon, minimum divisions will be removed from the registry.

    Changes to the Discord Server, Roles etc.
    Due to the misuse and/or spam of certain channels, we will be following the footsteps of some other chats and making the #wl-discussion and #ct-wl-discussion channels restricted to only team representatives and staff members being able to post. This is following numerous requests within the group to reduce the misuse of the server so as people can mute the channels that may not be relevant to them, and allow people to focus on what they may want to see instead of allowing these channels to be used for spam.

    This change is likely to come in upon the deadline of the Team Confirmations, however if that changes I'm sure you'll all notice and we will announce it within the server.

    Further Changes / Things to Check
    - Obviously the councils will be changing parts of the ruleset as and where appropriate, thus remember to keep up to date with announcements and by reading the Ruleset Changelog threads (here for RTs, here for CTs), and remember that any suggestions can be put forward, now is the ideal time for suggestions given we're in the off-season.
    - Again, we have the Ruleset Discussion Discord (link here) if you'd like to put any ideas forwards and cannot do so on-site yet would still like it somewhat public to discuss.
    - There will be a more in-depth updating system during the preliminary seedings this season, as we heard the feedback that some wanted more active updates as opposed to just being told near the start and near the end of the time period. We may also allow the time period to be slightly longer, however that will be announced once decided.
    - The conditionals and ban lists have been obtaining quite a few changes, so please remember to check them actively here to ensure that you don't get caught out for next season.

    I think that's all for us to be reminding people of at this current point in time. If anyone has any problems, please don't hesitate talking to a member of staff.

    We wish you the best of luck getting your teams resolved in time for the deadline, and hope that we can, with your help, improve the Wiimmfi League as much as possible in this time of change and development.
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