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New Announcement: New Registry Released!

Discussion in 'Help, Information, & News' started by Stunky, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. Stunky

    Stunky Tom | Stunky Staff Member WL Staff World Cup Staff

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Hello there, everyone!

    As manager of the Registration Admins, I’m proud to announce the brand new registry for the Custom Server League! After many hours of hard work we have been able to present to you, a more reliable registry with a bunch of new columns and features that we hope will assist you and others.

    The link to the registry is https://tinyurl.com/wlregistry and will be put in the place of the registry redirect for registrations once an administrator is on and available to do this. You may notice the title doesn’t say “Custom Server League”, the title of the new registry will be covered in a future announcement.

    Some of you will have errors or issues to fix on your registration. If you have any fixes to your registrations please post them in the linked thread: http://mkboards.com/forums/threads/registration-error-correction-thread.26596/

    So, what are these new features? What do they mean? This post will try to explain the value of some of the new columns.

    Min Div (Minimum Division)
    Over the last few seasons it has been unfortunate to spot that quite a few situations of “stacking” have occured. Minimum Divisions will aim to prevent such stacking from happening by giving a rough limit on where a player can transfer to during the season.

    It is important to note that when considering seedings if you have a single player in D2 on the column for example it will be unlikely to mean a D4 clan would end up forced in to D2, perhaps being considered for D3. The Minimum Division column is more meant for transfers happening in the season, to assist as a guide on what we will and will not accept.

    Console ID
    Some of you may have seen recent controversies in regards to certain players playing under other players’ names, along with a few alts. Console IDs will aim to be a guide to check FCs against, to ensure that new registrations will not be alts, and for Wiimmfi Moderators to check that players are not sharing save data.

    Upon us accepting a registration we will tell the Wiimmfi Moderators and ask them to do a check on the FCs. As you may see in the “Registration Error Correction Thread” we are not allowing people with shared save data to participate, so this is a vital check for the integrity of the league.

    Backup Threads
    You will not be able to actually access them due to site permissions, but we have decided to put people’s backup threads alongside them in the registry so there will be less chances to make mistakes or get the wrong person, and so we can also ensure that the backups are maintained better as a source of information if we do require.

    Changes to the name system
    We no longer allow for other names, and we are now only using a singular name for each player to prevent any random names we may not be able to identify people with. If you would like your main name changed to something you may be more known by than the name on the registry please ask a Registration Admin.

    If there is any form of note or comment to be made on a registry entry (for example an error), notes will now be made in the notes column as a reminder/hint to what has happened. We will also use this on some occasions to write in other identities, or anything else that may be of importance to either us as RAs or you as players.

    The following are shoutouts for people that have helped/assisted in some way.
    KD, Nio and Misdre - Inputting all the Console IDs as Wiimmfi Moderators.
    CSL RT Council - For their input on the minimum divisions of regular track players.
    CSL CT Council - For their input on the minimum divisions of custom track players.
    Jazz - For his help in finalising a few of the CT registrations as well as checking the validity of some registrations.
    CSL RAs in general - For the many memes that we found while checking pictures.

    Thank you to everyone for reading this, hopefully you appreciate the work we have done. Any comments about it would be appreciated and we’ll see what we can do if you guys do have any requests.

    If you have any errors, please either go to the Registry Helpdesk on Discord or ask a Registration Admin.
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