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7L ~ Seven League Ruleset (as of 24th March 2017)

Discussion in 'Help, Information, & News' started by Savannah, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Savannah

    Savannah Thunder & Lightning WL Staff

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Explorers of Time


    All matches will consist of 4vs4 in all stages of the tournament.

    2. Matches consist of 3 Grand Prix's in all stages of the tournament.

    3. All characters and vehicles are allowed.

    4. Matches will be played on 150cc with all items activated. Failure by a hosting team to use a community with these settings will result in a 150 point penalty. Staff have the right to disqualify a team for not using the proper settings continuously.

    Pre-Match Procedure

    The hosting team of the match must provide a valid community code to their opponents at least 10 minutes before the agreed match starting time. Failure to do so will result in a 15 point penalty and a strike. A second instance of this taking place will result in a 20 point penalty, and a second strike. And a third instance will result in a third strike, and an instant match forfeit.

    5b. If one team does not show up 10 minutes after match time while the other team is present (proof required), the missing team will forfeit the match.

    5c. Teams may start their matches before match time so long as both teams agree to do so. Teams are not obligated to start their matches before match time, and any complaints arising due to matches starting early and causing problems is not our responsibility. Please take this into consideration when choosing to start a match early.

    5d. Once 10 minutes have past after match time, teams MUST begin joining their communities. Evidence shown of teams stalling, intentionally disconnecting, or attempting to wait longer will likely result in that team losing the match by forfeit (at the division admin's discretion). Player shortages are not an excuse to wait past 10 minutes (see section on player shortages).

    6a. All match arrangements between teams must be carried out within the teams respective division’s ‘team representatives’ channel, located in the 7L Discord server. This means that you cannot resort to private messages in order to arrange a 7L match.

    6b. Matches must begin 4vs4. If all of the players do not join the community on time, players must leave and retry.

    6c. In extreme cases of difficulty with a community, teams may mutually agree to use another community at their own discretion. Both teams are responsible, however, to get the match underway despite any issues, regardless of which team is hosting. If a major issue occurs preventing you from playing the match, please make sure your division administrator is aware immediately.

    Match Rules


    7a. All courses are allowed.

    7b. Courses may only be played once per match. Repeating a course is not allowed and will result in a 10pt. penalty to the offending team. A repeated course is defined as a course that is voted by a player and selected on the voting screen. Repeats caused by a random vote do NOT constitute a repeat.


    8a. If a player disconnects prior to the first race of a Grand Prix (does not show up in the voting screen or does not get a boost start), the Grand Prix must be restarted. Any reset complying with this rule will not count towards either team’s 2 resets.

    8b. If a player disconnects mid-race, the team of that player may request a reset. Races played before the reset count towards the match’s final score (picture proof required).
    A team may request a reset up to twice in total in any given match. If only players from one team disconnect, the race’s results will still count. Points scored by bots will count towards a player's total score for that Grand Prix, and races in which bots play will not be given an additional 3 points for that race.

    If one or more players from both teams disconnect mid-race, the race results will not count and the room must reset. Any reset complying with this rule will not count towards either team’s 2 resets.

    8d. If a player disconnects pre-race, the team of that player will be required to play one race in which the said player is missing, after which the team of the player is then allowed to request a reset. In accordance to rule 8b., the race played before said reset will count towards the match’s final score (picture proof required), so long as it is the players from only one team that have disconnected. With any points scored by bots counting towards a player’s total score for that Grand Prix.

    8e. If one or more players from both teams disconnect pre-race, the upcoming race will not be played and the room must be reset. Any reset complying with this rule will not count towards either team’s 2 resets.

    8e. If a team does not request a reset; or have used both of their two designated resets, the player will receive their points on the results screen +3 points for every race they miss. Picture proof is needed or both teams can agree on how many points a disconnected player had. If no proof or agreement is posted, the default amount of points for a disconnected player is 12. If a room has 6 or less players for a race (including bots), the room must be reset with accordance to rule 8c. and 8e.

    Player Shortages

    9. If a team cannot gather 4 players for a match, the match will not be played. All GPs must start 4vs4. If only one team has 3 players they must reschedule (mutual agreement) or take a forfeit loss, based on the opponent's decision.

    10. Gentlemen's agreements regarding unregistered players are not allowed in Seven League.

    11. If both teams face a player shortage, the match must be rescheduled. If the match is consistently being delayed, the war may be recorded as a forfeit loss to both teams at the division admin's discretion.

    Post-Match - Results

    12. Both teams are responsible for getting proof that their match was played. Pictures do not need to be uploaded if the teams can both confirm the result. If there's disagreement on the result, pictures or videos will need be to uploaded as proof. If no proof is presented, the war will have to be replayed, therefore it is recommended that both teams get proof of the match.

    Tiebreaker Grand Prixs

    13. Tiebreaker GPs will not be played. If a division title has a tie in points and +/- total, tied teams will play a tiebreaker war. The team that loses this war will still receive second place even if the new +/- difference would ordinarily cause them to be passed by the team in third place.


    14a. Reschedules must be done and agreed upon at least a day before match time.

    14b. Reschedules must happen before Monday the weekend of the tournament.

    14c. If a match is not played before Monday, a free win or tie will be given at the division admins discretion.

    14d. Reschedules are a mutual agreement.


    15a. A team forfeiting a match will lose 0-35 and will be awarded 0pts. A team receiving a default victory will win 35-0 and score 3pts.

    15b. If both teams receive a forfeit loss, the match will be recorded as 0-0, and neither team will score points for the match. These matches DO NOT count as draws.

    15c. If both teams receive a default draw, the match will be recorded as 35-35, and both teams will receive 1pt. Draws will only be used in abnormal cases.

    Clan Tags

    16a. Team tags must be placed either before or after player names separated by some sort of fashion. Players with incorrect tags or failing to wear a tag at all will result in a 10 point penalty for their team.

    16b. The definition of “incorrect tag” would mean a tag that is not identical to that of the registered tag.

    Mii Names

    17a. Players may use any name they wish, but they must declare who they are in the results thread if they do not use their registered name. Failure to declare identity may result in disqualification of the player's points, at the discretion of the division administrator.

    17b. Players may NOT use a mii name that is also registered or used by another one of their teammates. This will result in a 20 point penalty.


    18a. Glitching is forbidden.

    18b. Any team caught performing a glitch(es) will be penalized 50 points for each player that performed these glitches.

    Unregistered Players

    Any player caught playing for a team that they are not registered for will be banned for the rest of the season. Furthermore, their points for every match they participated in while being an unregistered player will be disqualified.

    Player Registration & Multi-Teaming

    20a. Players may not register on the day their said team is scheduled to play a match. This will generally be on Saturdays, however could differ due to time zones / mutual match reschedules.

    20b. Players may transfer teams once per season, with transfers only being permitted prior to the default match time for week 3. (Default match time for the team said player is transferring to.)

    20c. The council has the power to deny any player transferring down divisions if they deem the transfer in question to be inappropriate.

    20d. Players may only participate for one team at a time. Players caught registered for multiple teams at once by using alternate accounts and other FC's will be banned for the rest of the season, as well as the following two seasons.

    20e. Evidence found that a team was aware of a multi-teaming player participating for them will have all points from that player disqualified for all matches the multi-teaming player participated in. Furthermore, the team will be banned for the remainder of the current season as well as the following season.

    20f. Players will only be eligible for a match if they're in the Registry. Simply put, you can't just edit the first post of your registry. You will need to wait until that player is in our database.


    21a. Use of any third party software used to hack in game advantages such as, speed advantages, item hacks, character or vehicle stat hacks, or any other advantages not available in the vanilla game are not authorized. This also includes the usage of texture hacks in any area of the game, and speedometers. Simply put, if your game has any differences from a vanilla copy of MK7, you will be deemed to be hacking. Players caught using any of these third party applications will be permanently banned from participation in Seven League, and will be removed from the current season.

    21b. Evidence found that a team was aware that a player on their team was hacking and consciously decided to use the player will be disqualified from the league permanently.

    Team Drop-Outs

    22a. Teams dropping out of 7L before Week 3 will lose all of their matches 35-0 regardless whether they played any matches or not.

    22b. Teams dropping out of 7L after they have played their first 3 matches will not have their match scores edited as every team played them once.

    22c. Teams who drop out after Week 3 will have their first 3 matches remain unchanged, while Week 4-6 matches will be changed to default 35-0 losses.


    24a. Trolling is banned in the Seven League.

    24b. Trolling = being a lap behind, and interfering with players on the opposing team. This includes, but is not limited to hitting them with items, (with the exception of Shocks and Bloopers), taking their item box, and bumping / blocking them in some form (e.g. bumping them into an in-game object, blocking a shortcut). A player is not allowed to intentionally get him/herself trolled. Note that Blue Shells are prohibited from use while a lap behind.

    24c. Teams caught lap trolling will be docked 30 points each race they troll at the division administrator's discretion. Video proof is required of trolling.

    24d. Stop-trolling is allowed if you are on the lead lap.

    Banned Players

    25a. Players who have been banned may not play in Seven League until their ban is lifted.

    25b. Banned players caught playing in matches will disqualify their team from the match, and at staff discretion, banned from the competition all together.

    25c. Banned users on MKBoards.com may not participate in 7L.

    Special thanks to Prime League for the base of this ruleset. Edited by 7L Staff.
    This ruleset may be changed at any time.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2017
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