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Division Admin Scamp

Discussion in 'WL Staff Applications' started by tempname422, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. tempname422

    tempname422 Translator

    • MKBoards Supporter
    • Founding Member
    • Translator
    Jul 21, 2013
    • Position applying for (specific one would be nice, but any is acceptable). Division Admin / Registration Admin
    • Past Experience(s) I've been a division admin for some french league over like 2 years if I remember correctly so I kind of know what it requieres to do a decent job
    • Why you want the position you want / why we should accept you. My whole life is pretty much about Excel as I have to use it close to 24/7 with work, especially when it's about making statistics on several specific things so yeah I'd consider myself as a decent Excel user, I also enjoy a lot doing this kind of stuff, I'm usually rigorous and willing to do a great job to make people satisfied, I know how annoying it is to not have the standings / player's averages updated in time
    • Contact info. (i.e. Discord, Skype--Discord is required to be on the staff) Scamp#0787
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