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Ridley's TTs

Discussion in 'Time Trials' started by Ridleh, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Ridleh


    May 29, 2017
    United States
    Zodiac Kart
    Ok so here's my list as of 9/30/17

    TC: 1:19.990
    DH: 1:41.995
    CCL: 1:36.960
    SGB: 2:05.310 (NG)

    WL: 1:24.688 (NG)
    MC: 2:02.097
    MP: 1:51.608
    RRM: 2:03.085

    PPS: 1:53.630
    WS: 1:58.888
    NBC: 1:49.651 (NG)
    MW: 1:29.835 (NG)

    DKJ: 1:58.571 (NG)
    RIW: 1:59.617
    BC: 2:03.760
    RR: 1:41.039

    rLR: 1:44.200
    rBC1: 1:15.635 (NG)
    rMG: 1:38.556
    rLM: 1:46.552 (NG)

    rKTB: 1:32.664
    rMC2: 1:11.977 (No Pasta)
    rCM: 1:57.662
    rWP: 2:14.902

    rKD: 1:36.061
    rDKP: 2:02.241
    rDC: 1:29.128 (NG)
    rMT: 2:21.620 (NG)

    rKC: 2:14.089 (NG)
    rDDJ: 1:55.286
    rAF: 1:57.424
    rRR: 1:14.961
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017

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