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How-to: FC Updates

Discussion in 'FC Updates' started by Stunky, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Stunky

    Stunky Tom | Stunky Staff Member WL Staff

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Switch FC:
    Wiimmfi FC:
    Information Required
    - New Friend Codes, ideally typed out.
    - Sufficient evidence of the FCs (picture or video, depending on circumstance).
    - Whether or not you would like your old licenses removed. If you don't mention it, it will be assumed that licenses shouldn't be removed.

    Please note that FC Updates can only be carried out by the player, and not by a representative of their team.

    If using a capture card and/or Dolphin, a video will be required. Otherwise, if using a console, a photograph should be fine. This is to prevent manipulation of images.

    Formats Accepted
    Friend Code Updates have very little area to deviate given the information required, therefore it's a case where, so long as information is there and easily accessible, we're likely to accept it.

    The following spoiler is an example of an FC Update:

    Do not delete old licenses.
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